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We need our illusions to live

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Understanding the 9/11 myth often requires philosophy. Thanks to a recent Woody Allen movie Magic in the Moonlight, I found this outstanding (mis)-quote:


Friedrich Nietzsche says, “Please, don’t destroy people’s lies, their illusions, because if you destroy their illusions they will not be able to live at all; they will collapse.” As bleak as it sounds, he’s right. People will not find anything worth living for without them. They live because of the illusions; the illusions keep on giving them hope. They live in the tomorrow which never comes. They live in their ambitions which are never fulfilled; but whether fulfilled or not, through those ambitions and desires and illusions and expectations and hopes they can drag their lives up to their graves. If you destroy their illusions,they may simply drop dead here and now because then there would be nopoint in living.

The real world is unforgiving. Events occur over which we have little control, other people ignore our feelings in their quest to get what they need, time runs out before we can accomplish what we had wanted. If we ever stopped to look at the present and future in a completely objective manner, we would despair. Fortunately we develop a habit of dreaming early on. In this other mental world we inhabit, the future is full of rosy possibilities. Our culture stimulates these fantasies with constant images and stories of marvelous occurrences and happy romances.

via We can’t live without our illusions: Philosophy Forums.

Remember, this blog is as much about exposure of media fakery as it is with coping with the fallout of learning our false reality. Philosophy is often a welcome remedy.

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