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Get some dash cam stock

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I was wondering why the proliferation of bad bus driver behavior was being promoted by our media in Toronto. We even had a alleged fatal event with a young girl that smelled rather psyOp-like. Could all this fakery fuss be over installing dash cams? Is this how we get major expenditures put through on the public dime? I suppose anything above the already over inflated public budget must get a special subsidy or kick to put it through, so a psyOp is the catalyst to get the extra spending through.

Dash cams, along with driver training and recruitment, will be part of a safety review that TTC CEO Andy Byford ordered weeks ago, following a string of collisions and red-light running. It is being expedited in light of Diljohn’s death and a report is expected early in 2015. A 27-year-old TTC driver has turned himself into police, but, as of Tuesday, no charges had been laid.

via TTC dash cams could be ‘silent witness’ to bad driving in and outside a bus | Toronto Star.

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