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The faked OJ trial – a paper

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Drop what you’re doing now and read this fantastic piece. I’ll quote some great parts later. Put your favorite quotes below in comments.

Miles Mathis-The OJ Simpson Trial was faked-as were the murders

In conclusion, we see that both the murders and the trial were faked. To what ends? I have already shown several, including planned promotion for Frogmen (which didn’t happen) and further erosion of the Constitution—via destruction of the 4th Amendment (which did happen). We also saw the creation of fake precedent in fake events by fake judges, further eroding the legal system as a whole. We saw the creation of racial tension, to keep blacks and whites looking suspiciously at one another instead of at bankers or other billionaires. But the main end of this event was misdirection. There were a lot of things going on in 1994-95 that they wanted to keep your eyes off. They manufacture big events to keep your eyes off the real history happening just beyond your line of sight. If they can keep you watching this circus for more than a year (June 17, 1994 to October 2, 1995), you will have missed all of their real crimes during that time.

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Military psyops itself

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Death by Cop, Alex Jones, New Age, (Pay)triots, White Nationalism, Rudolph Steiner, Anthroposophy, The Hippie Movement, Rodney King Riots___________Commute Music: Highway Junkie by The Yayhoos.

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Audiochat-Dec 29, 2014

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Who? K, Videre, Delcroix


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