9 dead for Edmonton

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Edmonton’s turn.

In a country where guns are all but banned everywhere, we have this Christmastime event that is chock full of occult numbers. Presented to you in Canada’s official newspaper (that has never made a dime in its existence), this story has all the signs of a faked drill event (what’s our pet acronym going to be for these?)

Nine people died in Edmonton during a deadly overnight rampage that ended in the suicide of the primary suspect.

via Edmonton murders were ‘planned and deliberate’ domestic violence | National Post.

Amy Duong, the vice-president external of the Edmonton Viets Association, said the group did not know the victims. All are believed to be Vietnamese.

“It’s a tragic and horrific event,” Duong said. “I’ve never heard of this kind of domestic violence in the Vietnamese community before.”

So what is the purpose of this PETCO? This ASDPAREBM? This FEED? This PsyOp? See here for what these mean: fakeologist.com/2014/12/24/nee…

General stress, to not allow one to let one’s guard down, to generally debilitate the population into surrendering their common sense and control to an external, higher, more powerful, government authority.

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