Was Christ born on September 11th?

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Interesting radio tying all the myths together.

The Spaceman goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go.
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1 thought on “Was Christ born on September 11th?

  1. Blue Moon

    Spaceman indeed! The Holy Babble is an evergreen source from which to construct such lunatic musings and this guy is one of the best contortionists of fact and fable I’ve heard in a while-
    A few points:
    1. Holy writ is not reportage- It’s not history- It’s an ever changing mélange of convenient myths for the riff raff at the top to con the lazy minded masses into obeying presumptuous authority- Quoting Luke alongside Josephus does not make Luke historical-
    2. Marrying astronomical records to mythical births is not scientific verification of the historicity of those myths- This is a common ruse when believers try to employ science to buttress the supernatural nonsense they are peddling-
    3. The unavoidable fact that there is no New Testament in any recognizable form before the late 4th century AD (The Codex Vaticanus, which is dated to that time by a spurious process known as paleography: the study of handwriting styles; styles which can be forged like anything else in script form) makes the whole Jesus myth utterly impossible to verify on any level as historic- Consequently, the alleged church fathers who commented and debated the “historicity” of the life of Jesus between the first and fourth century AD are likely themselves fictional or are severely edited authors of commentaries about other cults that the later Christian mythmakers employed for the “verification” of the New Testament’s alleged date(s) of composition-
    4. The archeology does not support the existence of Christianity before the late fourth century at best- The back dating of non Christian temples as Christian is part of the medieval overlay of “historic” Christianity that obscures what actually took place between the early first century and the collapsing Roman empire of the late fourth/early fifth century-
    5. Claiming a different date for the birth of Jesus is basic misdirection- Arguing over when he was born distracts from the fact that he was never born at all, never existed, EVER!
    6. This means Joseph Atwill is wrong in believing the New Testament was written in the first century- He’s correct that the NT parodies Roman history, but different Romans in a much later time, and for different reasons, compiled it-
    7. Thank you- We’ll be right back…


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