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Hello Friends! You have found the official ballot for the 2014 Golden Sheeple Awards. Yep, here is your chance to vote for the liars that continue to bring you your weekly psyops.

via Hoaxipedia.com.

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4 thoughts on “Hoaxipedia.com

  1. Cobra Commander

    I have a lot of problems with their so called awards and the comment they said in their broadcast on Free Radio Revolution Ultimate’s YouTube channel video. They called Sandy Hook the biggest hoax, and called a half hoax. It’s either a complete hoax or it isn’t. As many of us here know, it’s a 100% total hoax. They mentioned vicsims which may help get people to google search the term and get lead to cluesforum.info or here. The thing is they said they believe many people died even though they believe some are fakes. It makes me question the “YouTube Truth Community” quite a bit. They say all these hoaxes since Sandy Hook have had completely fake victims, shooters, actors, with no deaths, but 9/11 couldn’t possibly had no deaths!!! I’m pretty close to digging through all the victims to kill their theory of deaths once and for all. I started on this in the victim memorial scam thread on cluesforum pages 88 and 89 under my same screen name but found so much, I never made it out of the names of the vicsims staring with the letter A. With a group effort, we can prove every single Vicsim is a fake.

    Sometimes I feel Sandy Hook was a hoax solely created to distract the masses from going back and looking at 9/11.

    Btw… These people behind the documentary “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” are calling it them most powerful documentary proving media fakery ever. Shit, that movie is nowhere near as powerful as September Clues. I like Free Radio & Red Pill, but but there research is way behind Cluesforum.

    1. Hoi Polloi

      Thanks for your comment. 9/11 is 100% hoax, I agree.

      There are sophisticated actors connecting to all social networks, research ones too. I have no doubt CluesForum was even populated by some after we started the forum, and they have been backstopped in advance so if they come into question they can present video and pictures to “prove” the reality of their script-written “lives” and act like a martyr for being banned for “no reason” from the forum. And the fact that real people get on the social networks (until the sims are sanctioned for outright replacement of people’s images real time instead of being pre-rendered like Peter Joseph and Edward Snowden) for some reason makes people assume these people are not actors. Why aren’t they?! They just might be! Gee, how hard is it to fool people then? Not hard at all. Evil Edna/Psyopticon maybe just used a voice modulator and that’s all it took.

      Imagery/voice/simulacrum is just not the same kinda proof these days as it used to be. I mean, it was always easily fabricated but now we should be more aware of that. It’s the 21st century! Computers are persuasive and powerful tools, now far beyond what signatures, print and video were once capable of on their own. It can enhance a fake “side life” of an agent to the Nth degree.

      If we fall for the genuine truthers that fall for the fake truthers, are we also somewhat endorsing the fake truthers by proxy?

      I wish there was another forum besides CluesForum that was as diligent. It just seems like we are sliding into the virtual world “sideways” while we try to move “ahead” on exposing the PsyOps. Arggh. Thanks to Ab and K Ham and others for continuing onward. I hope and want to believe it will get better.

      1. ab Post author

        Hoi, it will get better. It appears the rate will be at a very slow pace. As long as we get one or two really new strong voices like K, and some more great writers like Blue Moon, then persisting will continue to be worth it. In the meantime, keep writing your brilliant essays, and I’ll keep promoting them. This is what I like to do best.


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