A Theory of Abuse: Why Perps May Be Perps

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Another brilliant essay on the concept of abuse (which as a concept may have been abused or misused itself), by the author of the famous vicsim report,  Hoi Polloi.

I think that some people looking into this research may consider 0;abuse” to be considered a kind of hoax on some level, because the tendency of researchers is to re-question what has happened in our public dialogue. “Abuse” in particular has had more than its fair share of attention in the Nutwork’s omnimedia. They use language to isolate particular cases of abuse and embarrass politicians that they wish to threaten and target, but isn’t abuse far more rampant than the media lets on? Doesn’t their overhanging threat of moralizing shame upon the apparent celebrities and heroes seem as though it is an empty threat or that the definition of “abuse” is being reduced to specific cases of high-profile responsibility rather than the basic expectation of a decent human being?


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1 thought on “A Theory of Abuse: Why Perps May Be Perps

  1. anthonycarallo

    and then the abuse continues when you go online to discuss the fakery and there are false identities controlling the disseminination of information and playing games. It was probably all planned as part of 911 and the internet.


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