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When? Thu, Jan 1, 2015

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2 thoughts on “ep18-KHam Radio

  1. Hoi Polloi

    Peter Joseph (allegedly behind Zeitgeist) and Brian S. Staveley (to be distinguished from Brian Staveley, fantasy writer, we presume) are both characters that endorse simulated video and fake pictures of themselves, respectively.

    Sorry, but I cannot get behind thanking them for uncovering the truth while they invade people’s brains to drag the public deeper and deeper into the Matrix-like sim. And by denying this and refusing to explain why they do this, they come across as scientific “litmus tests” for people behind the scenes to carefully monitor those interested in truth and how willing we are to have our senses boggled to the point of passive acceptance of the sim.

    Don’t fail such a test. Look at them and their media closely. If you can’t tell they are fake, you might want to get out of this research or give up. You have already lost your ability to tell the difference and care.

  2. khammad

    1.1.15 K Ham Radio episode 18
    Show notes


    Gardening Hoax storys to stress people out

    Rob Schneider Speaks Out

    Obama is called a monkey

    Peekay22 interview with The Liberty Man

    Jim Carrey Impersonates Robin Williams

    Psyop helps brands and agencies connect with consumers and solve business and marketing problems by telling compelling stories and building engaging worlds, using whatever techniques and media are appropriate.

    Zeiteist Movement

    Queens Speech 2014


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