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Are these the only other Canadians besides me and a few others speaking out about 9/11? I am mixed about whether they do more harm than good.

In the broadcast it’s mentioned that 24 Canadians were killed in on 9/11. Has anyone heard from their families, ever?

This show was broadcast January 1, 2015. It is now archived here Use Player Coming up today and every Thursday at 7:00 pm Pacific 10:00 pm Eastern 03:00 GMTWill be archived here after the broadcast by Friday. Canadians David Long, Elizabeth Woodworth, and Graeme MacQueen on petition submitted to parliament Activist David Long, journalist Elizabeth Woodworth, and retired professor Graeme MacQueen discuss the landmark petition that is being submitted to the Canadian parliament seeking…

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5 years ago

Following the family of Arron Dack…… His wife and family relocated to Seattle four years after 9/11 and remains there. Daughter Olivia is attending University in Pennsylvania Her father’s real name was Caleb Arron Dack, birth registered in Yorkshire, 4th quarter of 1961, reference – Wakefield 2d 763 an apparently only [UK] child born a year after his parents married, Robert A Dack and Edna I nee Morse. b 1938/9 respectively. Abigail Carter, wife of Arron… Cousin of Olivia = David Morse David Morse Bravo Cuz! ?? 1 · 15 May at 21:47…… 1997… Read more »

7 years ago

Predictably two of the Canadian “victims'” relatives were wheeled out for quotes on the “death of Bin Laden” in 2006. The father of Ralph Gerhardt, Hans Gerhardt and Judd.…

7 years ago

The 24 are here.… This site lists 27 who were either born in Canada or had roots in the country.… The additional “victims” are Jane Beatty [who also appears in UK lists] Frank Joseph Doyle (linked to the Ottawa Valley) The 39-year-old Detroit native was married to Kimmy Chedel of St. Adele, Que. He was an American citizen whose parents were from the Ottawa valley and he had a home in Canada. He is survived by two children, Zoe and Garrett. and LeRoy Homer (linked to Canada) Homer, 36, was the co-pilot of United Airlines Flight 93 that… Read more »