The other Canadians

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Are these the only other Canadians besides me and a few others speaking out about 9/11? I am mixed about whether they do more harm than good.

In the broadcast it’s mentioned that 24 Canadians were killed in on 9/11. Has anyone heard from their families, ever?

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3 thoughts on “The other Canadians

  1. xileffilex

    Following the family of Arron Dack………

    His wife and family relocated to Seattle four years after 9/11 and remains there. Daughter Olivia is attending University in Pennsylvania

    Her father’s real name was Caleb Arron Dack, birth registered in Yorkshire, 4th quarter of 1961, reference –
    Wakefield 2d 763
    an apparently only [UK] child born a year after his parents married, Robert A Dack and Edna I nee Morse. b 1938/9 respectively.

    Abigail Carter, wife of Arron…
    Cousin of Olivia = David Morse
    David Morse Bravo Cuz! ??
    1 · 15 May at 21:47……
    1997 Holly Dack? Olivia Dack
    2 June near Hemingbrough ·

    Happy birthday!! Have an ace day, here’s a little throwback for you hahaha? — with Olivia Dack, Joe Dack, Alex Coy and Carter Dack.…
    parents Heather and Adrian, the latter is a cousin of Arron, through the eldest of three brothers Edward H Dack b 1932 Frederick C -1941 and Robert [above]…

    Friends in Toronto Canada who came from Yorkshire…

    From Legacy, Arron’s friend Russell Zeid seems to check out…

    Very few recent tributes, this genuine looking one stands out
    I remembered my first meeting with Arron at Brown School and his “rubber ducky” song. Though we weren’t close, we would always say hi to each other in/between classes as we grew up through Deer Park, Jarvis, and U. of T. –

    – David Lee, Toronto.
    This other classmate from Toronto looks genuine
    Danielle Sneyd (Wood), Toronto, ON

    But not a single tribute from any member of the facebook connected extended family and, as far as I can see, no 9/11 facebook tributes from the families.

  2. xileffilex

    The 24 are here.…

    This site lists 27 who were either born in Canada or had roots in the country.…

    The additional “victims” are Jane Beatty [who also appears in UK lists]
    Frank Joseph Doyle (linked to the Ottawa Valley)
    The 39-year-old Detroit native was married to Kimmy Chedel of St. Adele, Que.
    He was an American citizen whose parents were from the Ottawa valley and he had a home in Canada. He is survived by two children, Zoe and Garrett.
    LeRoy Homer (linked to Canada)
    Homer, 36, was the co-pilot of United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. He was an American citizen, but his wife Melodie was from Hamilton, Ont.…
    also lists 27

    Caleb Arron Dack and Christine Egan also appear in UK lists, having been born there.
    The 55-year-old Health Canada nurse epidemiologist was visiting her younger brother’s office on the 105th floor in the second tower of the WTC at the time of the attack.
    [Like you do]

    Ruffino “Roy” Santos (linked to British Columbia) [and who moved to N Y in the late 90s]
    The 37-year-old Manila native moved to British Columbia with his family in the 1980s.

    is in the official Canadian 24….
    And even some of the 24 are tenuous Canadians – eg Ludvigson moved to the US aged 7.
    Might be interesting to check out some of these family survivors and see how things panned out.

    So, Doyle and Homer are US citizens, Santos is -?- and Beatty is -US?-

    I love this – The wife of Vladimir Tomasevic, Tanja, who received a small amount of remains and a piece of shredded material from his pants, had urged the Canadian government to provide more support for the families of 9-11 victims.

    A signifcant percentage of Canadian family members is active here…
    Dr Ellen Judd – partner of Christine Egan – on the steering committee of six and
    Loretta Filipov Alexander Filipov (Regina, Sask.) [Concord, MA] – active also in 9/11 families
    Filipov, 70, was born in Regina and lived in Concord, Mass. He was on American Airlines Flight 11 when it hit the World Trade Center. He is survived by his wife Loretta and three sons.

    Judd, an anthropology professor at the University of Manitoba is actively supporting the Al Qaeda narrative by attending in 2014 the “trial” of Laden’s son-in-law, Abu Ghaith on behalf of the Egans.…

    upholding the Guantanamo psy-op

    The account is suspended.…………
    [Mrs Filipov on left, 2014]


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