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Be the 1st to vote. supporter Synergistic spreading the word at the spooky David Icke forum.

Question: When in all of history has anyone ever seen a top-down collapse of a building into its own footprint?

Answer: Never. There have NEVER been any top-down collapses of any buildings into their footprint, by controlled- or otherwise. The foundation of the building, which is always on the bottom has to be destroyed first.…

H/T Xileffilix

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3 thoughts on “ Icke thread

  1. khammad

    Synergistic has been compiling links, gifs, pics and paragraphs into quite a nice “Understanding the 911 Psyop” online walk-thru.

    In reading Synergistics post, I have been learning new info and I have been entertained! Bonus!

    It would be awesome if all that info was available elsewhere, say,


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