Chem times from clues

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I don’t have much time (or interest) for chemtrails, but I’ll always listen when Simon and Hoi start speculating. Here’s their main new thread on the topic.

Ok, so excuse me for the pretentious-sounding 0;mystery solved?” headline – I’m only being a bit provocative here, in order to encourage you to read what, necessarily, needs to be a fairly long post. As ever, I will do my best to simplify my thoughts – so as not to overwhelm the reader with too much material and data regarding what is, for now, just a working theory. However, I trust you will find it an interesting and – perhaps – even a rather compelling one.

To be sure, CHEMTRAILS and HAARP are among the top / favorite subjects debated by the growing crowd of so-called 0;conspiracy theorists” (which, of course, is the demeaning / dismissive tag that knee-jerking people-sheeple will attach to freethinkers such as us – on this very forum … but we are getting used to that, I guess). However, and as our regular members / readers will know, has not been debating much about HAARP or CHEMTRAILS – and I have oft cautioned and, admittedly, even discouraged debating about these topics here, since I just couldn’t make any sense out of the absurd, mind-numbing plethora of sinister theories surrounding these two subjects – and (intuitively) smelled that something was amiss… I now feel ready to take on these two (interconnected) ‘mysteries’ – and you will soon understand why.

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9 thoughts on “Chem times from clues

  1. Jim Hollander

    Living in Asia, I never see chemtrails. We hardly get contrails except in winter when the atmospheric conditions are right. I’m looking for these chemtrails but I can’t find them.

    GPS works perfectly.

    Next time I travel outside Asia I will look for chemtrails, but trust me, they are not out here.

  2. UNreal

    Really appreciate that the topic of chemtrails is discussed in an open and inquisitive way
    too bad Simon didn’t listen to Kham Radio ep8 !
    in that episode we discussed chemtrails as i believe, possibly like Simon presently, that chemtrails are linked to the telecommunications industry and the lack of satellites……

      1. khammad

        Thank you UNreal, I was trying to find that audio and credit you with your conclusion. I too thought the recording was on KHam.

        That was a great discussion we had, definitely worth a re-listen. You had come to the same conclusion, telecommunications is the most likely reason for chemtrails. I wonder if Mr P would like to have a chat with us and dig a little deeper?

        1. UNreal

          Yes, the subject of chemtrails is a little bit touchy but it would be great to have Mr P on if possible with Simon, as well as Clues members that have begun more in-depth research ?

      2. simonshack

        Hey, Unreal – that’s so cool, looks like our Norwegian wood brains (lol) are tuned to the same frequencies! On a more serious note (and before some clown concludes that we must be the same person) I believe that, thanks to our collective diggings, we are slowly but surely converging towards similar ideas / logical deductions whose time seems to have come. As ol’ Victor Hugo would say: “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

        As P from the UK very rightly observed: “Firstly, unless you understand that satellites DO NOT exist then you CAN NOT understand why chemtrails DO exist; this fact alone excludes the vast majority of the population from realising the truth.”

        Dear Khammad, I will try and ask P from the UK if he’s willing to discuss this on air – although I doubt he will be so inclined, judging from his stated wishes of personal privacy.

        1. khammad

          Thank you Simon for anything you can do.

          I see where my chemtrail research went down a rabbit hole. I assumed that chemtrails were for weather modification so I included “albedo” in most of my search terms, which restricted my results to weather.

          Only hard evidence of chemtrails I ever found was an equatorial cloud study done by the US Navy. Planes were dropping particulate in the atmosphere around a particular part of the equator and then testing temperatures below and above the drop points and studying albedo. There were a grid of ships taking heat measurements as well as the planes which had instruments.

          The question for the study: Why doesn’t the weather in equatorial zones overheat?

          The answer from the study: Cumulonimbus clouds wick extra heat into outerspace.

          I am not sure what to think of the results of the study.

          Of all the research I have done both physical and internet (hundreds of hours) the communications idea fits in nicely.

        2. UNreal

          hi Simon,
          it sure looks like we are all entering ‘the cloud’ these days, be it in the form of hyperwebs, metal particules or propaganda,, it also seems this scam is quite elaborate, i remember listening for hours to shows debating HAARP, geoengeneering and mindcontrol especially well propagandized by Dr. Nick Begich,,, so much kudos to you and the Clues members for going into the specifics of the operation, it seems to be one of the major projects from our PRC in regards to what the effective costs must be,,,
          if i should speculate, i believe the propagation of drones (even 3d printed drones) would be linked to the future development of this program in some way, maybe we will soon see smaller operations being conducted over specific areas? in some way it feels like Vietnam must have been testing grounds as well for this program ? after all, Monsanto’s goal definitely is to give us all ’round-up’ in some form or another !


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