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Here’s a pejorative for the good side (ours). I’m sure no-one wants to be associated with the label Holocaust Denier, Climate Change Denier, or Human Rights Denier.

So let’s once more turn the tables and use their word weapons (spells?) against them.

For all your tweets, blog posts, videos, or where ever you “tag” (graffiti?), or just in general conversation with your disbelieving friends, ask them: are you a hoax denier?

Let’s see if we can start something viral, or at least a conversation.

The Cosby psyOp

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The Bill Cosby media event is complex. Since he is on tour, I wonder what kind of turnout he’d get without the media circus surrounding him. After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

A half-full theater doesn’t sound like a good booking.

For the next 100 minutes, Mr. Cosby performed his trademark mix of dad jokes and dated gender humour to loud laughter and frequent cheers. At the end, the audience, which more than half-filled the large theatre, gave him a standing ovation.

via Bill Cosby gets warm reception from Kitchener, Ont., audience as angry protesters brave cold outside | National Post.

Would Cosby agree to get smeared in the media to help publicize his tour? Is this the downside of his deal-with-the-devil, to be promoted in the media? Is this part of his masonic ritual? Is this what happens when you get to the end of your career? Does he even care?

The only thing I’m sure of is that the story we are told is not likely true.

Canadian version of the Cosby psyOp: www.ctvnews.ca/canada/jian-gho…

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The purpose of “in your face” hoaxes

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Also found in: Idioms.


(?n?yo?or?f?s?, -yôr?-, -y?r-)


Marked by or done in a bold, defiant, or aggressive manner: in-your-face advertising; an in-your-face challenge to authority.

Anonjedi (Sami) offers a great theory on why so many of today’s hoaxes appear silly and sloppy to the full time amateur researchers like fakeologists. There’s always a reason, there are no blatant mistakes in psyOps (due to their military precision planning). My idea that there will be an increasing and growing divide between those aware of the big and little hoaxes and the majority oblivious still fits. If the doubting camp gets too big then the logical military move is to divide that group up and have them infighting. Divide and conquer at every step.

My guess is that part of the “in your face” style of fakery these days is to have more people (such as amateur online researchers) to confuse and muddy the waters with their youtube videos and shill/gatekeeping activity. So that one day when one searches for the word “fakery” or “hoax”, one would be bombarded with millions of hits and never find one’s way to the serious research.

via View topic – SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012 • Cluesforum.info.

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Breaking down the Paris shooting hoax

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Jeff C. and gang break down the latest shooting hoax, this time in Paris.

Cluesforum thread on this obvious hoax. www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….


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