Breaking down the Paris shooting hoax

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Jeff C. and gang break down the latest shooting hoax, this time in Paris.

thread on this obvious hoax.….


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4 thoughts on “Breaking down the Paris shooting hoax

  1. xileffilex

    A very interestng aspect, which CF is just starting to touch on is the spontanous *cough* emergence of the jesuisunoignon movement

    and the black *cough* flag.
    Evidence, it seems, that all those liberals *cough* around this “satirical magazine” knew what was about to unfold. Or unpeel. At least they didn’t unwrap it before the shootings *cough* accidentally.

  2. cj

    Youtube has been very efficient at removing videos about this. Upload the clip of the cop *not* getting shot and it will be removed in less than 45 minutes.

    People really need to start looking for some alternative video sites…

  3. khammad

    The video is already censored.

    How about if Jeff C. places his video on his own website so they can never be removed by utube?

    I hear him complain about how many videos youtube has censored.

    This video is a great breakdown of the Paris shooting event. Too bad Jeff let another video slip away.


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