The purpose of “in your face” hoaxes

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(?n?yo?or?f?s?, -yôr?-, -y?r-)


Marked by or done in a bold, defiant, or aggressive manner: in-your-face advertising; an in-your-face challenge to authority.

Anonjedi (Sami) offers a great theory on why so many of today’s hoaxes appear silly and sloppy to the full time amateur researchers like fakeologists. There’s always a reason, there are no blatant mistakes in psyOps (due to their military precision planning). My idea that there will be an increasing and growing divide between those aware of the big and little hoaxes and the majority oblivious still fits. If the doubting camp gets too big then the logical military move is to divide that group up and have them infighting. Divide and conquer at every step.

My guess is that part of the 0;in your face” style of these days is to have more people (such as amateur online researchers) to confuse and muddy the waters with their youtube videos and shill/gatekeeping activity. So that one day when one searches for the word 0;fakery” or “hoax”, one would be bombarded with millions of hits and never find one’s way to the serious research.

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7 thoughts on “The purpose of “in your face” hoaxes

  1. paul

    I think it’s a statement of power. As in: we can and will interfere with your life and mind in ways that may or may not be real and there is nothing you can do about it. The fact that things are obviously faked adds an extra dimension of terror and confusion. There is no law. Chaos reigns.

  2. Gabriel

    I think like Ab does that probably all of the scenery from the Boston Marathon hoax was created ahead of time. That includes the scenes of the bombs going off to the after amateur footage as well. I do not think we saw any real footage of what things looked like from the actual live scene either during or after. The perps included in the scenery what appeared to be directors and other questionable things to make it seem like it was a real scene.

    1. xileffilex

      Well, I don’t know where to start or even finish arguing against this glib summary of 80 odd pages of CF research and hundreds, thousands of analyses, videos and witness statements all over the web.

      I’ll close this daft discussion with a piece of pre-recorded action from a previously run marathon which nobody noticed had occurred, before an invited audence.
      [from CF]

  3. xileffilex

    Military precision – yes, but it depends on the hoax or drill.

    The Boston Marathon smoke bomb intrigues me ; certainly there was military style preparation, and the action indeed involved quite a number of military types but the one-shot, two scenes drama depended on scene directors intermingling with the actors to keep everyone on cue and make sure there were as few slip-ups as possible. They might have rehearsed but they were amateurs in the main. Who were the on-site drama directors? We see them but nobody has fingered them. Numerous camera angles and judicious editing or release of images which minimised “errors” did the rest.

    1. ab Post author

      Are you implying the scenes were real? Like 9/11, my guess is all scenes are prefabricated with any or all Hollywool methods. Of those methods, I doubt any are done with real people in real time. That situation is clearly not completely controllable.


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