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Who? K, Ab, Ro11o, Delcroix

When? Thu, Jan 8, 2015 7:11pm EST

What? The Paris Shooting Hoax


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7 thoughts on “ep19-KHam Radio

    1. khammad

      Joey Z,

      Great Photo!

      Interesting how in the New York Post photo, 1/10/15, there are no telltale signs of who, what, where, when or why.

      Who are they? By the clothing, upper middle class European type people.

      What time of day is it? Maybe night, maybe a cloudy dark day.

      Where are they? Some place where white people gather.

      When are they? By the storm troopers gear and blurry camera image, within the last 15 years.

      Why? As in why are the stormtroopers in the picture? The women must have been in terrible scary danger.

      The lack of information in the New York Post picture must be on purpose.

      You too can be a media hoaxer. Just follow these easy steps:

      1) Find a picture of
      a) a human showing a facial expression of distress and/or
      b) ANYONE in uniform.
      2) This picture should have NO identifying information as to who, what, where, when or why.
      3) Choose a PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) approved talking point.
      4) Create a story of how some people went against approved talking point.
      5) Attach the nondescript photo to the story and publish it at an approved media outlet.
      6) Congratulations. You are now a media hoaxer.

      One last thing, if you recall the crying young lady from sandy hook, this blond haired young woman is reminiscent of that iconic photo.

      I am just glad that the blond haired lady had the wherewithall after her entire ordeal to tuck her hair behind her ear, so that we may all be able to see her terrified expression.

      1. Joey Z

        Fab synopsis, “K!”

        Wow, this terrorism collage is rather “Sandy-Hookish” indeed…nice catch!

        William Randolph Hearst would be so proud of the state of journalism today. “We don’t just report the news, we make it up!”

  1. Blue Moon

    Another good one, KHamm- I have a few working cartoonist Facebook friends and they at first got all frowny faced about Charlie Whatsit, but by the evening were back cracking wise- I even sent a link to the Clues Forum thread on this psy-op to a very famous cartoonist and he gave me a like! I suspect that my FB fellow artists had never heard of this French rag before and once they got a look at the bad art and lame race baiting, just backed off and returned to their own sketch pads whether they bought the hoax or not- Kind of a head in the sand moment for some of them-

    1. khammad

      Thanks Blue Moon,

      The ‘Like’ from the cartoonist is encouraging news!

      And you are right, The Charlie Hebdo Magazine is a rag.

      just look at the cartoon below:

      “100 coups de fouet, si vous n’etes pas morts de rire”

      “100 lashes if you are not dying of laughter”

      I guess I will have to get the lashes.

      1. khammad

        You know how we call a picture with 116 in it as just like a picture with 911 in it, on account of our brains are able to subconsciously turn it right side up?

        I wonder if the same works for pictures?

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