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Couldn’t teach the lies

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Good episode from a Danish truther who couldn’t/wouldn’t be a teacher based on what he now knows.. His history knowledge reminded me of Jan Erik.

Josef Hanji 9/11 Truth in Denmark, and in History Danish 9/11 Truth activist Josef Hanji joins Andy Steele to discuss the 9/11 Truth movement in Denmark and to put 9/11 Truth in the context of other situations in history. Also, Andy reads the story of Dr. Margot OToole, who during


* Show Notes: noliesradio.org/archives/93791

* Episode Feed: NO LIES RADIO » 911 Free Fall – noliesradio.org/archives/categ…

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How to break up a gathering

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Three things will end a gathering quickly: bringing up the subject of religion, politics, or 9/11.

Bringing up 9/11 soon get you exiled from the tribe, one of the oldest ways to get people to conform to group-think.

Usual caveats listening to this podcast, but still interesting.

Dr. Niels Harrit Dr. Niels Harrit is professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and is one of the key authors of the WTC nano-thermite paper. In this episode of 9/11Free Fall he lays out the evidence in that paper and also discusses a lawsuit hes filed in response to

* Show Notes: noliesradio.org/archives/92732

* Episode Feed: NO LIES RADIO » 911 Free Fall – noliesradio.org/archives/categ…

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Photofakery as old as photos

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Chris mentioned this book on a past call, and made a post about it too. I’ve ordered a copy myself.

This is from the “Photo Fakery” book I mentioned on the last call.

The military uses highly detailed inflatable decoys to fool reconnaissance photographers.Can you guess which jet is the decoy?

Here’s the answer…

via HOAX BUSTERS CALL: Hint: It’s the magic number..

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Canada, the little psyOp brother

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Canada makes another lame contribution to the world of psyOps to help bolster the Paris shooting hoax with a pathetic and sympathetic story of two brothers being arrested for terrorism.

The lawyer for Ottawa twin brothers charged with terrorism-related offences said his clients intend to “vigorously defend” themselves against the allegations.

Joseph Addelman, a criminal defence attorney representing both men, speaking to reporters after their court appearance in Ottawa on Saturday morning, said the case would be about determining “how much value the Canadian system truly places on freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion.”

In Paris, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said the arrests of the Larmond twins were not connected to the terror attacks in the French capital this week.

”The arrests yesterday are part of ongoing investigations that have been going for a while in Canada,” Blaney told reporters after he laid a wreath at the officers of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, where 12 people were killed.

“They are not linked in itself by exact link but they are part of this extremist ideology and in that way they are related but not necessarily in the same cell or groups.”

Blaney will represent Canada at a unity rally and march that will be held in Paris on Sunday. He said he met with the CSIS head of mission in Paris, will meet Sunday with his French counterpart and that Canada is also working with its other partners.

For some reason the Canadian psyOps seem to be based out of Gatineau, PQ, which is the backyard of the Canadian Parliament Complex in Ottawa.

Canada has always had 2nd and 3rd rate media programming compared to our American behemoth next door. PsyOps and hoaxes should logically be no different, as they too are simply military media programming.

Sorry world, but you won’t Oscar worthy psyOps here. You’ll have to look to the world’s leading cities and countries for that.


So many of the common characteristics of psyOp hoaxes here. A commonly overlooked one is the “twin” (identical), which we see in so many of hoaxes, including the NASA a$$-TRUE-NOT twins, Mark and Scott Kelly.


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