ep131-Fakeologist Review – Paris Shooting Hoax

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When? Sunday, January 11, 2015 5:11pm EST

What? Paris and Fakeologist posts



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6 thoughts on “ep131-Fakeologist Review – Paris Shooting Hoax

  1. UNreal

    Very good show, and great audio quality as well !

    Just wanted to chime in on the scale of the ‘Charlie’ events as i’m in Paris.

    The Charlie incidents have been played up tremendously, much worse than you would imagine with distinct “branding” and slogans. the politically correct attitude that is forced over French people’s heads is;

    “I am Charlie” or “I’m Charlie aussi”

    This deviously implies and induces that everyone is a victim, which in turn induces the non-negotiable fact that what happened was TRUE.

    “How dare you criticize what happened, i am on of the victims (Je suis Charlie aussi) so of course this is real, how dare you ! “

    The number of people that were demonstrating was extremely high and public transport was made free so the press estimates 1,5 millions in Paris alone, but worth to notice is that most French cities participated in the orchestration of these “solidarity” marches. The press once again estimate 4-5 million people in all that went out in the streets… although these numbers are questionable, it is no doubt that people in France has been touched and much emotions brought forth.

    As we are in Europe, the perpetrators just could not pass up on a chance to drive home the anti-semitic angle with numerous articles on the subject of persecution of jews etc. The choice of the “Hyper Cacher” site was probably made for these very reasons, bring back some old emotions from the WW2 and the Holocaust.

    An interesting part is that now the press pretends the french people claims new legislation and hopefully a french version of the ‘PATRIOT ACT’,,,>

    Also in the air, is the persecution of DieuDonné (a french comedian) and,, the implicit assimilation of holocaust-denial status onto those who deny the Charlie events or,,, terrorism in general,,, new laws could be made against what in french is promoted in the press as “l’apologie du terrorisme” which translates into ‘terrorism denial’.

    So, here in France there will surely soon be a hashtag for those who dare question the reality of terrorism,,, #apologisteduterrorisme

    1. xileffilex

      The hashtag, slogan and artwork were part of the psy-op, prepared beforehand. Spot on with you victimhood analysis. Don’t attack victims…..I guess nearer 6m took part in reality.

    2. khammad

      Thanks for the personal input UNreal.

      I was noticing how the vast majority of signs had been professionally made so I see how having the city as an entity backing a protest has advantages for the hoaxers i.e. funds, public space rental, cooperation of police, timing, advertising, etc.

      Wow, from hoaxed event to legislation in record time.

      Question for UNreal:

      Had you heard about Charlie Hebdo Magazine before it got national attention?

      1. UNreal

        hi Khammad,

        yes, the Charlie Hebdo review was founded in 1970, and as long as i remember i’ve seen it in the news-stands,,,
        but it always has been really distasteful and crude so you’ve always made sure your children wasn’t exposed to it. The drawings are unambiguously sexual in nature, I feel this type of press is quite close to pornography in the sense that this expression is contrary to any family value.
        Who would have a copy of “Charlie Hebdo” on their kitchen table and discuss it’s articles over family meals ?

        Well, after the shootings people will probably hang this stuff on their walls,,,,

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