OBF refutes Ace Baker

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OBF does some good work blowing up an Ace Baker falsehood.

0;Animating the videos to the level of realism depicted is impossible, even with 2014 technology. ” Alexander”Ace” Baker Dec. 2014


This post was prompted by a recent short, but very revealing quote [see above] from an email exchange I had with Alexander “Ace”Baker [aka Colin Alexander] because we both are apparently on the same e-mail group list somehow .

Our own brief “obf/Baker” message exchange was prompted by an e-mail group discussion of a series of still photos that both himself and others defend, claiming the photo series depictss “steel turning to dust”.

via Onebornfree’s 9/11 Research Review: 9/11 Scams: Alexander “Ace” Baker Versus “Armageddon”.

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1 thought on “OBF refutes Ace Baker

  1. xileffilex

    I notice the Ace Baker FB page has been pulled, last cache April 15 2015
    last photo:


    Perhaps he’s gone back to being plain songboy1234 ?



    Back to Split Body Syndrome after the brief foray into 9/11 “truth”

    He’s obviously nostalgic about his time on tour:

    et seq.


    A strange episode, even the uploads with German subtitles have ceased

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