Audiochat-Jan 11, 2015

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Who? Videre, PShea, Tom Dalpra
What? Paris shooting hoax



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5 thoughts on “Audiochat-Jan 11, 2015

  1. xileffilex

    Great chat to listen to – wish I could have been there. Pretty much how I feel. [I was recently asked for my views on the terrorist attack in Paris. "What "terrorist" attack"? I retorted. Oh dear, bad move...]

    And I didn’t detect any voice morphing! *tavistock grin*

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Good to speak to you Videre and Peter!
    I really appreciated a bit of a conversation and enjoyed listening back to Videre and Peter – not so much the other bloke 🙂 Thanks for the soothing philosophy Vids.

    I was ,ahem, confusing U.K weather warnings with Terrorist threat levels Videre, at the end there haha.

    The weather is yellow – be aware, amber – be prepared and red – take action.

    Our ( MI5) threat levels are: Low, Moderate, Substantial, Severe and Critical.
    By the way, no surprise, the current UK threat level is Severe. (actual meaning: strong chance of more psyOps !). Stay tuned. Next, more cartoon time !…

  3. Gwynned

    And Hi, Peter! Good to hear your scratchy voice again. Going for the Tom Waits sound are we? All jokes aside :), I certainly share everyone’s frustration in trying to wake up the masses as well. But, in reality, there is NO thing we can do, as they are able to track moment by moment the level of awareness through the very means we use to expose their trickery! The more we talk, the more they know! But if we don’t talk, how can we raise awareness? Funny, no? Will the punch line be delivered at the Superbowl with Katy Perry/JonBenet Ramsey the sacrifice at half time? Hoover Dam is close by and conveniently at it’s lowest level since it was built. All bringing to completion the Madonna like a virgin half time show 3 years ago and the 33 minute black out the following year following Beyonce. On CNN earlier they are now suggesting terrorists could attack anywhere with the first named location high profile sporting events.

    Is it hopeless? If they are as evil as most people suspect or if no one on the inside is working for the greater good. On good days, I’m content to sit back and watch the show, share a few laughs with my faceless youtube and forum friends, not minding too much they are not real, and shining off comments from the muggles about the latest farcical event. On those days, I am confident the outcome will be positive, though the transition may be rocky. On those days I believe I have read the tea leaves correctly and the signs bode well for our side. On bad days I long only to be brain dead. Guess it’s all just part of the journey. Just hope I don’t run out of supplies before I reach the destination.

    Oh, and about that dog bark. Snickers didn’t like his tone.

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