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Spoofing the majority opinion:the goal of psyOps

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I like to figure out the purpose of psyOps almost as much as I like watching the internet break them down into their fake components.

There are a few bloggers and writers who I take to be real. Fred may be one of them. It appears Fred is unaware of media fakery, which, we are told, puts him in the majority (as we discussed on last night’s audiochat, the majority we are told is the majority may really be the minority). Fred is the type of common sense talker that I’ve always enjoyed reading and agreeing with. The other I used to like was Doug Collins, who wrote the column Get This Straight. Both write with a right wing bent, a persuasion I was and still am, but with a fakeologist perspective.

Here’s Fred writing on the Paris Shooting Hoax:

Regarding the unsurprising slaughter in Paris:

Diversity is a disaster. Why people cannot see this is a mystery. A country can ignore an unfortunate reality, but it cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring it. Why governments allow and even encourage immigration of incompatible populations is a greater mystery. Few things cause more misery, hatred, death, and destruction than does diversity. One may wish it were not so, but it is so.

via Fred On Everything.

Now Fred is falling right into the trap that the PsyOp Dialectic Designers have created for him. He is following the logical conclusion that Islam is mostly radical and cannot exist in the West without bloodshed. He is helping to bolster the perceived majority reaction that the psyOp provocateurs helped create. As I posted in my OJ link to Miles Mathis’ brilliant essay, the CIA or worldwide intelligence network creates or synthesizes majority opinion, spoofing the actual majority opinion and marginalizing anyone who really IS in the majority TO the minority. Confusing stuff I know, but I think this is my favorite find in fakeology in a long time.

Here’s my perceived opinion. In Canada (as with most if not all 1st world countries), we rely on immigration to survive. Modern families with modern ideas about women and reproduction are not reproducing to replace. Without immigration, the West will shrink and have difficulty maintaining population (good or bad, who knows).

To maintain a growing economy, the key to capitalism, Canada brings in economic refugees of almost exclusively non-Judeo/Christian religion and non-whte skin color. My direct experience with this group, and my perceived experience with them is they are eager to integrate and generally work harder and say less than any native I’ve known. Therefore, I postulate that the majority experience is that Canada’s mosaic of multicultural immigration works. As much as we are told we prefer people that are the same as us, it’s clear that we can easily work around our differences and just get along.

Yet we are told that the majority believes otherwise. We are told that Islam is incompatible with our open culture. We are told this is the majority position despite seeing with our own eyes (at least in Canada) that the opposite is true.

This is the nature and mission statement of all psyOps: convince the majority of people they are wrong with trauma based mind control events and have them doubt or even reverse their own intuition or belief.

Until people believe their own 6 senses (I always include the sense of balance) and stop beLIEving the artificial sense that is the media, conflict and division will continue to occur.

Eliminate the psyOps and life will become very boring. We will quietly assimilate our differences and go about the natural way of life: cooperation and empathy and understanding. We will quickly see that all man made divisions are nothing but fences and barriers to realising our own power to be human and cooperate.

Maybe when we reach this point can we actually go to the moon.




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Mega Audiochat – Jan 12, 2015

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Who? Delcroix, Tom Dalpra, Ro11o, Videre, ChrisfromOK, Ab, Sami, KHam,
What? Nothing like a big psyOp to bring out the audiochatters


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