Audiochat-Jan 14, 2015

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Who? Ab, Xile, Videre

What? Hoover Dam, Celebutard’s salaries, Paris Shooting Hoax


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3 thoughts on “Audiochat-Jan 14, 2015

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Serious audio issues notwithstanding, good to hear you, xilef .

    Yes, see you, Peter and Del on audiochat, I hope. That would be great .
    I did wonder how we should pronounce your name? I heard Tim try about 6 different variations! 🙂
    I’ve always said ”zilef”, but ”x -isle- eff” is quite good. Or shall we call you Felix?
    Talk to you later.

      1. khammad


        Usually, we get those audio issues worked out in the lobby of Teamspeak, but everyone was so excited to finally talk to you they couldn’t wait. They brought you in live, for the very first time.

        You are a brave soul.

        I wish I could have been among them.

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