GO Transit Hoax

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I was just talking about this with Xile last night. How many planes, trains, and bus crashes are faked? This small story looks like one.

One person is dead after a GO Transit bus rolled over on Highway 407 in Vaughan at Weston Rd. shortly after 10 p.m. on Wednesday, York EMS confirms.

There were six people on board the bus when the collision happened at about 10:03 p.m., (Ab-contradiction:about + precise time) said OPP in a news release. No other vehicles were involved.

Hoax check list:

  • (66,,23,18)
  • Old vehicle used (bus #2279!)
  • no quoted officials (news release says, twitter says, spokes-sim says)
  • covering up a story that actually may matter? Here’s two: 5% fare increase – in the wake of collapsing oil prices, their biggest expense and less importantly, this story, about officials getting free rides.

via Passenger dead after GO bus rollover in Vaughan | Toronto Star.

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