Daily Archives: January 16, 2015

We can never see the video

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Despite cameras being everywhere, why can we never see the money shot? 9/11, Sandy Hoax, Boston. It can’t be because people aren’t conditioned to see blood and guts. The last Hollywool blockbuster hoax-alicious movie apparently had a head blowing up like a watermelon.

The answer of course is any footage we are shown around psyOp/hoaxes is fabricated, whether it be the recording of a drill or CGI – or a combination of methods to deceive. They never portray a real situation, they are of a simulation.

Here’s a police body cam video. Is this portraying a real event or a simulated event? No, there’s no money shot. Other than record “evidence”, are police body cams of any use? I’m ambivalent on the subject (since technology is crashing in price, it can’t be a money issue).

I noticed some occult magic numbers being mentioned towards the end. Signature noticed.


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