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Nuclear plot holes

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The nuclear bomb (power) hoax is one of the PRC’s most enduring and scary hoaxes ever. One of my favorite benefits of being a fakeologist is believing that man probably can’t annihilate the planet with a push of a button with a mythical weapon.

Critical Mass is doing some great digging into the historical nuclear footage and narrative over at cluesforum.info.  Go have a look.

About 65MT… making the Russians first H-bomb the largest nuclear test in History… far larger than the 57MT Tsar Bomba.

That ladies & Gentlemen is what we call a bit of a plot hole.

I would suggest to the neutral reader that real historical events don’t come with plot holes?


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Noagendaplayer won’t call it a hoax

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John and Adam just won’t call or avoid calling the Paris Shooting event a hoax.

It’s impossible at this point to avoid the research unless you simply refuse to look.

This makes them gatekeepers or worried that they would be relegated to fringe and lose their donations.



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