Vict/sims: the thick part of the onion

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The victims of all are the thickest part of the truth onion. They are the one layer that makes peeling back any more of the onion to reveal there is nothing to the story difficult. They are usually the outer layer. They are usually the most complex and loud layer. If you can get past this layer with your fakeologist kryptonite, you will find the subsequent layers very thin and easy to see through.

One easy way to verify this thick layer (at least in the past) is to consult the SSDI. We find and have found that in the past the  reported deaths in most or all psyops don’t get reflected in the number of recorded deaths in that jurisdiction. This simple discrepancy should be enough for most to dismiss any story of victims.

The most complete expose on vicsims (or simulated victims) is Hoi Polloi’s Vicsim Report at This report goes through the complete list of 0;victims” reported on and exposes them for the digital fraud that they are. Quite simply an assembly line of fiction writers and digital manipulators created and reported on lives that didn’t exist. While there may be exceptions to the rule, in general this process accounts for the majority of the reported vicsims.

So how long has this been going on? Here’s a series of videos that reports on the victims/vicsims of Columbine High School Shooting, Oklahoma City Bombing, and Virginia Tech Shooting. The same formula is used over and over again, worldwide.

Without this thick layer of the onion, we really have a very fragile story that can be boiled away quickly. Only then is the power of the hoaxsters taken away. If we concentrate on this layer in ALL our research, we will eliminate much work to get straight the point. If nobody dies, then there will be no charges, and no reason for any authority to even consider investigating the major false events that dominate our “news”. You wouldn’t expect our leaders to investigate a movie, would you?

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3 thoughts on “Vict/sims: the thick part of the onion

  1. xileffilex

    Here’s one of the few almost identical images of Fred. Open mouth version. This is a man with five sisters, wife and three children …..and this is all we have:…
    His two eldest children are on FB…
    Uploaded 9/11/2014
    Looks like the same set of incisor teeth.
    The “official photo” is probably from over 10 years before 9/11. Go figure.
    Corinne was 6 in 2001, Fred 35. How old is she here?

  2. xileffilex

    I mentioned Fred Varacchi to Ab recently – Frederick Thomas Varacchi, formerly of 14 Sandy Lane, Fairfield CT.
    Cantor Fitzgerald. Died WTC etc etc.
    Here are just his UK directorships…

    nonhocapito wrote….

    In the meantime I’ll notice how Varacchi was:
    “Cantor Fitzgerald, CFO”, according to the Voices… … =889772182
    “President and COO, eSpeed, and COO of Cantor Fitzgerald”, according to Cantor… … sp?ID=4507
    More about how much real is “eSpeed”: viewtopic.php?p=2359951#p2359951

    now, here’s someone who met Varacchi allegedly
    Lisa McGreevey. [on right of this photo, 2000]…
    gosh, look what’s in the background!
    [the latter is perhaps untrustworthy and a back stop site]

    a 29-year-old Manhattan event coordinator,…

    BGC Partners Inc Annual report, December 2001 here…
    Varacchi was drawing half a millon bucks a year, allegedly in 2001. plus the same in bonus, Gardner half that and Goldflam, CFO and senior VP on peanuts – 100K including bonus [???]

    Quite a few of these names were also directors of the UK subsidiaries of Cantor some with UK addresses, but all, except Howard Lutnick, were US citizens.

    So, there should be so many photos of this millon dollar man around, shouldn’t there? All we get is this…
    The same image repeated over and over again. See this post…

    This blog post by Steve Warran is an important one regarding faked people versus faked deaths of real people…
    Warran writes

    I’m leaning more toward Peter Hanson turning out to be a form of vicsim, but proving the truth of these computer-generated personas has been extremely difficult to date.

    His father lived in the same town, Fairfield CT, as Varacchi.

    Well, the speaking engagement checks out.
    Lisa is now known as Lisa McGreevy Ryan, still in events planning. In 2001 she worked for UBS, and that is the company which organised the Hyatt Conference:

    NEW YORK, March 19 /PRNewswire/ —
    The UBS Warburg Financial Technology Conference begins today at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City and runs through Tuesday, March 20.
    Monday’s agenda includes speaker presentations from Greg Santora, chief financial officer of Intuit, Inc., Len Purkis, chief financial officer of E*Trade Group, Inc. and Jaime Ellertson, chief executive officer of S1 Corporation. The agenda also includes panel discussions covering new entrants into traditional financial services, incumbent banks’ Internet strategies, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), online payments, and next generation Internet banking solutions.

    On Tuesday, Frank Petrilli, president and chief operating officer of TD Waterhouse Group, Inc. and Matt Cone, chief marketing officer of Corillian Corporation, will present individually. Additional panels will discuss wealth management, outsourcing and morphing markets.
    “In the year ahead, we believe that industry participants will continue to modify and improve e-Finance business models, while those already effective at integrating web-based strategies will continue to strengthen their positions in the marketplace,” said Diane Glossman, head of U.S. bank and e-Finance research at UBS Warburg.
    UBS Warburg analysts Kenneth Usdin, Eric Wasserstrom and Anthony Davis will join Ms. Glossman in moderating the two-day event.

    Now, that list doesn’t include Varacchi – but perhaps McGreevey will recall?…

    Vice President, Head of Events, US BNP Paribas September 2009 – Present (5 years 5 months)
    Project Leader, Event Marketing
    UBS Investment Bank October 1996 – October 2004 (8 years 1 month)…

    Here’s a friend of Fred – Jerry Campione…
    Perhaps he can supply a photo which differs from the one image we have of Fred – or is the lack of images deliberate – if he was and is real – so that we don’t recognise him?

    Perhaps there’s a photo of the elusive Fred in this book by an eSpeed widow?…
    Jennifer Sands wife of James “Jim” Sands, “strategic development engineer” in Cantor’s eSpeed division
    see also:

    Sands, raised a Catholic, is now an Evangelical Christian and is in demand internationally as a Christian speaker. She recently led a tour to Israel.
    Sands said she has no desire to marry again or start a new romantic relationship.

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