Audiochat – January 20, 2015

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Who? Ro11o, Videre, KHam, Typoerror

What? State of the Union analysis like you’ve never heard before


<19:15:17> 0;Rollo”: whats barry going to say?
<21:17:06> “Videre”: Message Theme:  We are bouncing back from hard times
<21:22:53> “Videre”: Speech:…
<23:33:29> “Typoerror”: I said-a beau-tiful people
They’ve got a Robert Palmer t’shirt in their travel bag
Beau-tiful people
They’ve got a price upon their hea-ea-ead
I said-a beau-tiful people
Have got some friends who just flew in from LA-yay
Beau-tiful people
They haven’t really much to say

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<00:47:43> “Rollo”: love you guys and gals
<01:43:51> “khammad”:
<02:27:32> “Typoerror”: night all…
<02:28:13> “Typoerror”: there are others available.first one on the list.


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