Gerard Holmgren on no planes

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Inspired by Ro11o, a fakeologist original.

Why they didn’t use planes

Sometimes people ask me 0;why would they use missiles or whatever and run the risk of being caught out ? If they’re going to sell a story about planes, why not make it as convincing as possible and use real planes” ?

It’s a silly question, because in the face of direct visual and forensic proof that they didn’t use planes (mostly supported by what little witness evidence we have), speculations about their thinking and planning are meaningless.

Nevertheless, since we live in extremely silly times, I’m going to address this question on its own terms.

Put yourself in the position of the perps. You have to think through what could go wrong in each possible scenario and then decide which scenario poses the smallest risk.

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1 thought on “Gerard Holmgren on no planes

  1. anthonycarollo

    I remember looking at Gerald Holmgren’s pictures a long time ago and thinking he seemed fake. Also a vague similarity to someone else…. I don’t really disagree with what he says though. The reason the fake planes were perfect is that people are not going to remember what they did NOT see. It was much less risky than actually using planes. Look up, not down….

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