Audiochat – Jan 21, 2015

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Who? Ab, Tom Dalpra, Xilefelix, Delcroix



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2 thoughts on “Audiochat – Jan 21, 2015

  1. UNreal

    Great Audiochat !

    Fracking !

    i believe this is a fraud too, with many well financed documentary’s and propaganda.
    my intuition on the subject is that “fracking” plays into the Oil Industry and the “Peak Oil” theory,,, Peak Oil is as real as the scarcity of diamonds,,,

    so, if “Peak Oil” doesn’t fly, then we are looking at oil sources that probably replenish…
    The only way to exploit these replenished oil and gas resources without killing the “Peak Oil” myth would be to come up with some “new science”, kind of like “fracking“..

    maybe EXACTLY like fracking* ?

    *an additional bonus could be to pollute some drinking water and grab some cheap land & property ?

    1. xileffilex

      Tom was right – we heard it first from Psyopticon

      PSYOPticon ?@psyopticon
      Another #fotofake of the #BartonMoss PSYOP! “Fracking” is just a #Hoax, guys! (to manipulate the market!)
      4:54 pm – 13 Jan 2014 [12:54 AM GMT]

      Those images of fracking all seem to be of one site, with spaghetti like pipes roaming everywhere.
      source, with “explanatory video” :…

      Wankypedia has several images of what looks like the same site.
      e.g. with this cheerful guy:…

      Here’s the chemistry – all very vague and woolly in the the non-H20 moiety.…

      Who knows what’s going on?

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