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Advanced Lottery Hoaxing

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I’m not sure how long the Chinese have being doing lotteries, but it looks like they’ve taken their lottery fakery an extra step: using the Michael Jackson mask of deception trick to disguise their “winners”.

How anyone can accept this as being transparent and open is beyond me.

I don’t bet, but if I did, I’d stick with my local bookie. You’ll get fairer odds, and more chance of collecting. I doubt the state sponsored lotteries pay out the big prizes – anywhere in the “modern” world.

At the tail end of this Chinese year of the horse, China’s latest lottery winner wore a suitable disguise this week to receive his $44 million check — a horse mask.

The winner, dubbed “Mr. Money” by Chutian, plans to establish a $3.3 million foundation for needy individuals and groups. The paper reported: “Relatives said he must donate money and do good deeds for his heart to be at ease. ‘I agree with them’, he said.”


via China’s big lottery winners hide behind a mask.

More proof that China is “all in” in the fakery/NWO/First World. Anyone who thinks they’re the “enemy” hasn’t been paying attention.

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Saudi Arabia – Oil mirage?

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Now that the alleged king allegedly died, one must ask, being master skeptics: is Saudi Arabia really sitting on an ocean of oil?

You see now that I question the whole reality of nuclear power, one must ask what elements of the Saudi Arabia/House of Saud stories are true. We must “drill down” right to the most basic of basic questions: is there unlimited oil under all those palaces?

I am quite sure the Anglo-American empire creates front men for everything. Be it the “evil Jew” to control Hollywool and banking, be it “scary Muslim terrorists” to keep us on edge, be it “Saudi Kings” controlling oil prices. The old money of Europe is no doubt in my mind behind all these facades, whose players of course go along with the game quite willingly to get paid.

Do we even know the true nature of oil? We are told it’s running out, then we’re awash in it. This sounds more like a dialectic then the forces of the market. I believe its unlimited and replenishing, which would blow the whole price cartel fixing model away.

Oil is more likely a resource that is strictly controlled and rationed like bread was by ancient controllers. It controls the whole economy, due to its pervasiveness in consumables.

Our controllers have built a story around it. Perhaps nuclear was a backup story that was based on total imagination, where oil is based on a real substance that really is useful, but its distribution must be strictly controlled to keep power over the masses.

It seems oil has controlled the herd for the past 100 years, and will continue to control our activity for another 100 as well.

The kingdom’s current approach has been to spurn calls for output cuts in response to lower prices.

Most analysts expect continuity under the new leader King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud.

Nonetheless, there was a minor spike in the oil price in international markets in the aftermath of the news from Riyad

via BBC News – Saudi Arabia oil: What next?.

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Truthiracy’s 9/11 series

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I learned of Truthiracy (Chris) from the We Do It Live call I posted the other day.

I enjoy this information, and Chris sure peppers us with it at quite a rate. I often wonder where one gets all the time to build such a comprehensive channel with so much information. Perhaps Chris will come by to Fakeologist and talk about it.

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ep21-KHam Radio

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KHam talks to Videre


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