Advanced Lottery Hoaxing

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I’m not sure how long the Chinese have being doing lotteries, but it looks like they’ve taken their lottery fakery an extra step: using the Michael Jackson mask of deception trick to disguise their “winners”.

How anyone can accept this as being transparent and open is beyond me.

I don’t bet, but if I did, I’d stick with my local bookie. You’ll get fairer odds, and more chance of collecting. I doubt the state sponsored lotteries pay out the big prizes – anywhere in the “modern” world.

At the tail end of this Chinese year of the horse, China’s latest lottery winner wore a suitable disguise this week to receive his $44 million check — a horse mask.

The winner, dubbed “Mr. Money” by Chutian, plans to establish a $3.3 million foundation for needy individuals and groups. The paper reported: “Relatives said he must donate money and do good deeds for his heart to be at ease. ‘I agree with them’, he said.”


via China’s big lottery winners hide behind a mask.

More proof that China is “all in” in the fakery/NWO/First World. Anyone who thinks they’re the “enemy” hasn’t been paying attention.

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3 thoughts on “Advanced Lottery Hoaxing

  1. Blue Moon

    China has been all in for awhile- More than fifteen years ago, a cousin of mine toured China with a medical contingent from John’s Hopkins and he stopped off in Frisco for the night and explained in great detail to me how completely “over” the communist revolution was over there- A few mummified long march veterans were still technically alive but they were routinely lied to as Murdoch’s Star TV had blanketed the country and the locals were being taught how to consume on a western scale-
    Gambling is not restricted in Chinese culture as it has been in the west- Good fortune or luck is a prize to be pursued actively- Here in Cali, the state lottery is almost exclusively marketed to the asian peoples-

  2. lux

    This is hilarious.

    And, no doubt, we’ll be seeing the same thing in Western lotteries before long. It makes it so much easier for them!

  3. UNreal

    funny there is a panda on the lottery ad,,,

    the panda was an unknown/mythical animal for centuries and the giant panda was never depicted until the 20th century when French missionary priest Armand David found this strange “white bear” in the Chinese mountains close to Dengchi Valley.

    maybe lottery winners are a mythical species still awaiting discovery, just like the panda 150 years ago ?…


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