Saudi Arabia – Oil mirage?

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Now that the alleged king allegedly died, one must ask, being master skeptics: is Saudi Arabia really sitting on an ocean of oil?

You see now that I question the whole reality of nuclear power, one must ask what elements of the Saudi Arabia/House of Saud stories are true. We must 0;drill down” right to the most basic of basic questions: is there unlimited oil under all those palaces?

I am quite sure the Anglo-American empire creates front men for everything. Be it the “evil Jew” to control Hollywool and banking, be it “scary Muslim terrorists” to keep us on edge, be it “Saudi Kings” controlling oil prices. The old money of Europe is no doubt in my mind behind all these facades, whose players of course go along with the game quite willingly to get paid.

Do we even know the true nature of oil? We are told it’s out, then we’re awash in it. This sounds more like a dialectic then the forces of the market. I believe its unlimited and replenishing, which would blow the whole price cartel fixing model away.

Oil is more likely a resource that is strictly controlled and rationed like bread was by ancient controllers. It controls the whole economy, due to its pervasiveness in consumables.

Our controllers have built a story around it. Perhaps nuclear was a backup story that was based on total imagination, where oil is based on a real substance that really is useful, but its distribution must be strictly controlled to keep power over the masses.

It seems oil has controlled the herd for the past 100 years, and will continue to control our activity for another 100 as well.

The kingdom’s current approach has been to spurn calls for output cuts in response to lower prices.

Most analysts expect continuity under the new leader King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud.

Nonetheless, there was a minor spike in the oil price in international markets in the aftermath of the news from Riyad

via BBC News – Saudi Arabia oil: What next?.

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7 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia – Oil mirage?

  1. rickpotvin

    Ab, what do you mean by “ancient controllers”? It amused me to see you use the word ‘ancient’ a day after I pointed to “ancient” aliens. Was that a random coincidence or is there more to it? Are you tipping your hat to my suggestion? I googled the phrase and there are a lot of computer related results relating to digital equipment but one result further down attracted my interest by Alan Watt

    I got a question for you along these lines, and it asks: “how did the Ancient Mysteries and the ruling elites spread from the Near East and Egypt to Europe and Asia over the millennia? And is there a direct lineage from ANCIENT CONTROLLERS to today’s controllers?”

    ALAN – There is no doubt. Whenever you look, and I don’t know if you can find it on the Internet, but if you see the inaugurations of Queen Elizabeth the Second – she is actually the First of Scotland, Second for England – you watch Westminster Abbey, where she was inaugurated; and you look at the floor there, you’ll see the chessboard floor of the Masonic Lodge – that’s what the floor of the Cathedral is. And she is sitting on a raised dais – it’s maybe five high or seven high – and she’s got the ermine cloak around her with the black spots on the white and the red, of course, or purple. And round about her she’s got all these guys with the different symbols, etcetera…
    Now, you’ll see the same thing on the old stelas in the Middle East, of Nimrod. With the ermine too, around his neck, and the same people standing, and he is sitting on a raised dais. Why is this ceremony from thousands and thousands of years ago still being performed today in Britain?

    My comment– I capitalized the phrase above… here it is again in another quote by Joseph P Farrell..

    On another note, I remember reading something recently about a computer programmer who was challenged with decoding DNA. His analysis revealed the “stop” codons that are blocking the proverbial 90% “Junk DNA” that we aren’t using.

    It WOULD be wonderful if THOSE stops could be released! I don’t know if humanity is ready for it, but I would love to see humans have full access to our full potential, since I DO feel it was “turned off” on purpose by the ANCIENT CONTROLLERS…

    My comment– When I pointed to ancient aliens in the post about Hoi’s philosophy essay, Hoi understood my point– and rejected it– which was fine. However you and another guy said I lost you… but today you’re using a phrase used by others who point to The Queen and Joseph Farrell. Interesting, eh? (It is to me, anyway). So my question to you us– who are the ancient controllers “for you”? What do you mean? Thanks again. –Respectfully– Rick

  2. Carole Thomas

    Agree, Ab! The puppet show metaphor nails it, reflecting both the synthetic and absurd nature of our pixellated reality. Puppet shows neglect authenticity, all the more to concentrate on theme and plot. It’s all smoke, mirrors and wires in the end, but some ventriloquists’ dummies are funnier than others, notably, Achmed, the dead terrorist:-)

  3. UNreal

    Couldn’t agree more,,

    how likely is it that the most important energy source on the (flat?) planet is anything but completely controlled by the PRC ?
    what are the chances the control of oil does NOT include the narrative ?

    as you speculate on AB, what is this narrative exactly ?

    well, as for diamonds, scarcity is sure bet,, no good businessman would chose to rule the world relying on anything else than an everlasting resource,,, so what is oil ? maybe that, like medicine, it has its origins in nature but that it is in reality produced at will ?

    could all the oil we use today in fact be synthetic ?

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Interesting thought UN! It certainly makes sense, to me.

      this change of King would certainly offer an opportunity to tweak the oil narrative.
      Gas ( petrol) prices have dropped dramatically of late ( certainly in the uk).
      What’s the angle?

      I heard the news of the Saudi King’s Death on a sports radio channel.
      I felt I was being talked-to like a child.

      It went to the effect of: ” The Saudi King is dead. The old King was supportive of the US. The new King is only a half-brother.”.

      It left the question to anyone really listening: ”Is the new King supportive to the U.S?”

      Time will tell what is planned for the World narrative.

      1. ab Post author

        The whole Saudi Royalty could be a big puppet show. Instead of asking some really simple and basic questions about oil, such as its scarcity, its location, and who really owns it all, we are subjected to stories of princes, kings, and their pecadillos. Getting them asking the wrong questions, and you never have to worry about the answers. This could easily apply here. It’s always the same stories recycled year after year with oil, and for that matter, nukes, JFK, 9/11. A fakeologist eye can soon see the patterns in plain sight.

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Sure. They are aren’t they? A puppet front for oil?

          The Jihadist black flag which became popular at the end of the nineties in time for 9/11, is merely the dark green Saudi flag turned black.

          Saudi flag:

          2001 Al Qaeda flag:

          Not so much a subtle association, as a direct one.

          The majority of the hijackers on 9/11 were of Saudi origin, let alone the mastermind who was apparently a rogue from an elite Saudi family.

          The presented reality of our reliance on oil and the Saudis is clear.
          The presented reality of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism is clear.

          From this set-up the narrative is spun.

        2. Blue Moon

          The bombast of the epic Lawrence of Arabia partly conceals the fact that the house of Saud was selected by the British after the collapse of the Ottoman empire to rule the area for the anglo-American interests, so yes, they are puppets who rule at Wall street/C of L’s discretion- Wahhabi fundamentalists took over the Saudi education system long ago and function much like the southern American fundamentalist Xtians today, which of course helps perpetuate the myth of the Islamo-fascist terrorist vs. Xtian crusader war that bellows so loudly in our daily media unreality-


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