Truthiracy’s 9/11 series

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I learned of Truthiracy (Chris) from the We Do It Live call I posted the other day.

I enjoy this information, and Chris sure peppers us with it at quite a rate. I often wonder where one gets all the time to build such a comprehensive channel with so much information. Perhaps Chris will come by to Fakeologist and talk about it.

I never understood the Big Lebowski. We were told it was a 0;big cult classic”. I don’t believe it was any of that, a cult film or a classic or big. I think now, thanks to the following video, it was simply a shell to promote Hollywool’s elite occult worship. The filmmakers literally took all their crazy imagery and beliefs and cobbled a nonsensical movie together. It only makes sense if you consider it one disjointed series of occult scenes and images.

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