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Magic HIV hoax ambassador

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This video doesn’t say much, but I’ll post it to allow a discussion on how this generation’s prophets (sports and music figures) are used to promote agendas via myths.

I don’t know if there were other reasons for Magic to “retire” when he did (I don’t follow sports), but I doubt even the conspiracy reasons are real (shaving points – heck, the games’ outcomes are per-determined mainly by the officials).

Magic Johnson was used by the PRC to promote a myth, that is, that AIDS is a virus (where the concept of a virus itself is questionable). What is the real purpose of promoting a mythological disease? Creation of a new class/use of expensive chemotherapy drugs, promote abstention, discourage homosexual behavior, population control, or just general fear as part of the strategy of tension.

Either way, like Rob Ford, if Magic was really taking the chemical cocktail that kills 95% of all cancer patients that take it in short order, he would have at least lost a few pounds.

If everything he said about his condition was real, wouldn’t it make sense to promote and publicize what he is doing for others to benefit? Of course, the whole AIDS media fear campaign has long since abated and generally been abandoned, much like SARS and Polio, and more recently, ebola. Does anyone see the simple pattern?

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Max live with Delcroix

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Good listen with a group that seems similar to ours.

Max Live Monday January 19, 2015: youtu.be/RzbEpqIYR_4


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There is no island

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The “Island” some speculate the actors go to after psyops is probably right here. To apply Occam’s Razr to the concept,  why hide when no one is paying attention and the complicit and controlled media won’t mention it?

Judith Resnik from Challenger Shuttle Disaster IS Still ALIVE:

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