There is no island

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The 0;Island” some speculate the actors go to after is probably right here. To apply Occam’s Razr to the concept,  why hide when no one is paying attention and the complicit and controlled media won’t mention it?

Judith Resnik from Challenger Shuttle Disaster IS Still ALIVE:

H/T Simon Shack

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  1. xileffilex

    It’s always good to dig out a “victim’s” ex- husband and her brother [January 2018 commemoration]……
    Mike Oldak, Resnik Family member, left, Chuck Resnik, brother of the late space shuttle Challenger astronaut Judy Resnik, Amy Resnik, sister-in-law of the late Judy Resnik and acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot, right, are seen after laying a wreath at the Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial as part of NASA’s Day of Remembrance, Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018,

    In August 1984, Judith Resnik invited Oldak to Cape Canaveral, Fla., to watch her blast off to become the second American woman to orbit the Earth. He sat with his former in-laws to share the joy.
    On Friday, Oldak, who remarried a few years ago, flew to Akron, Ohio, to again be with his former in-laws — this time to share the grief.
    ‘It was good for all of us to be together,’ Oldak said.
    ‘What we primarily did together was study,’ said Oldak. ‘We spent a lot of time at the library.

    hmmm, sounds great! A marriage of convenience?
    They were married June 14, 1970, a few weeks after Resnik graduated. They went off to Morristown, N.J., Both got engineering jobs with RCA Corp.
    A few years later, after Oldak decided to switch careers, they moved to Washington, D.C., so he could go to Georgetown University Law School.
    Resnik enrolled at the University of Maryland, a few miles up the road, for a doctorate in electrical engineering.
    They separated in 1975 and their divorce became final a year later.

    ‘We just decided we were interested in different things,’ said Oldak. ‘But we remained friends, good friends.’
    Oldak said Resnik never mentioned wanting to be an astronaut while they were married, but he wasn’t suprised that she responded to NASA’s call for scientists.

    Reggie Oldak keeps well away from these gatherings
    No fb tribute from ex-husband Mike

    or cousin Helene

  2. xileffilex

    Well, all the above was written before the 30th anniversary in 2016. And naturally there were the anniversary pieces in the MSM..

    ….the McAuliffes seemed surprisingly very tight lipped about it…

    The city has been low-key about marking Challenger anniversaries as her family stayed in Concord and her young children, Scott and Caroline, grew up. Today, both are educators with children of their own. Caroline declined to be interviewed, and Scott did not respond to an email.


    Let’s have a look at their facebook pages…
    sister Betsy – zilch…

    Brother Christopher – zilch…

    sister Lisa – zilch…

    Husband Steve – zilch…

    Steve’s second wife Kathy – zilch…

    Christa’s daughter Caroline – zilch…

    Christa’s son Scott – zilch

    Hmmm they really don’t want to talk about it do they?

    It has been posited that Sharon A A McAuliffe is the same person as Christa McAuliffe…

    University of Notre Dame
    A.B., Sociology
    1970 – 1974
    Syracuse University – Maxwell School
    M.P.A., Public Administration
    1978 – 1979

    Director of Employee Benefits
    Green & Seifter, Certified Public Accountants, PLLC [subsequently Bousquet Holstein PLLC ]
    1984 – 1992 (8 years)

    Christa –…
    She earned a bachelor’s degree in American history and secondary education from Framingham State College in 1970, married Steven James McAuliffe, whom she had met in their sophomore year, and moved to Maryland, where she taught high school English and American history.
    In 1978, she received a master’s degree in education from Bowie State College in Maryland and moved with her husband to Concord, where he established a law firm. At Concord High School, Mrs. McAuliffe taught law, economics, American history

    Prior to obtaining her law degree, Professor McAuliffe was the Director of Employee Benefits for Green & Seifter,

    Seifter? Sure, the same family
    Herbert Seifter – obituary, 2012
    He is survived by his…. daughter in law Sharon McAuliffe of Jamesville [Syracuse]
    Here’s the wedding of her step-daughter also in 2012…

    She is the daughter of Paula L. Zeman of Rochester and Lowell A. Seifter of Syracuse….
    The bride is the stepdaughter of Sharon A. McAuliffe, a partner in the Syracuse law firm Bousquet Holstein, and of Robert Zeman, an insurance agent in Rochester with State Farm.

    i.e Lowell Seifter married Sharon McAuliffe.

    That ought to be verifiable also. Looks like too much multi-tasking to me.

    I don’t believe for one moment that anybody died in any Challenger rocket but to suggest , for example, that, or one, Christa McAuliffe is hiding in plain sight is plain silly.

  3. xileffilex

    Strange behaviour over at the Challenger Ranch, way back when…
    From 1996 on the 10th anniversary we read that…

    Greg Jarvis’ remains were the last ones found, three long months after the accident. His widow, Marcia, scattered his ashes into the Pacific Ocean, off the Southern California coast where the two had lived — they had no children — and cut off contact with her in-laws.


    Goodnight and goodbye. Perhaps it had already fizzled out?

    The new husband and his family is detailed here…

    Survivors include two sons and daughters-in-law, Jack L. Tinsley and his wife Lajuana of Seminole, Oklahoma, Ronald Tinsley and his wife Marcie of Pagosa Springs,


    Marcia continues to serve as a Founding Director for Challenger Center.


    For Bruce Jarvis, peace, such as it was, lay in the Astronauts Memorial Foundation, established shortly after the accident, and in the thank-you cards…..
    In addition to Ellen, Bruce Jarvis is survived by two sons, Alan of Springfield, Mass., and Stephen of Torrance, Calif.

    It certainly seemed like the official narrative concerning bodies [alleged] was taking time to settle down back in 1986: as well as the [deliberate?] mixed and conflicting messages, we read:…

    Bruce Jarvis, father of Challenger payload specialist Gregory Jarvis, said he and his wife were told by a NASA representative Tuesday morning that remains have already been brought to Patrick Air Force Base hospital for forensic examination.

    which is odd because I thought they were found three months later….

  4. xileffilex

    A few interesting snippets from the 2003 Challenger disaster.…
    in the Feb 1 2013 anniversary article here:…

    Clark hastily came up with a plan: Disappear with his son as soon as they got back home to Houston. Grab the dog, the car and as much money as possible. Then, “drop off the grid.” But that didn’t happen. A few years went by before father and son finally made their escape. Clark bought a house in Arizona, keeping a small apartment in Houston as he went from working for NASA at Johnson Space Center, to a teaching job at Baylor College of Medicine and an adviser’s position at the National Space Biomedical Research Institute. [Neurologist Dr Jonathan] Clark won’t divulge his exact whereabouts, even now. He moves every few years. He has a girlfriend, but doesn’t see himself remarrying.
    “I don’t ever want to go through losing a wife again,” he explained.…

    The shuttle commander’s widow, Evelyn Husband Thompson, finally feels free to start giving back, now that her youngest, Matthew, is 17. She wanted to focus first on her two children and then on her marriage five years ago to Bill Thompson, a widower she met through church. Bill provided the crucial male role model that Matthew so desperately needed following the accident, she said.

    Clark’s wife and six other astronauts — Commander Rick Husband, co-pilot William McCool, Kalpana Chawla, Michael Anderson, Dr. David Brown and Israeli Ilan Ramon — were killed in the final minutes of their 16-day scientific research mission aboard Columbia.

    Kalpana Chawla‘s husband, Jean-Pierre Harrison, who also has remarried, published a biography titled “The Edge of Time” in 2011.
    Clark is in Israel this week, taking part in an annual space conference held in honor of Ramon. Of all the Columbia families, he feels closest to Rona Ramon.
    She became a grief counselor after her second family tragedy. The Ramons’ oldest of four children, Asaf, died at 21 when his jet crashed in an Israeli training accident in 2009.

    However, back in 2005…

    Dr. Jon Clark, the widower of Capt. Laurel Salton Clark, continues to work for NASA as a neurologist and flight surgeon and is raising the couple’s 10-year-old son, Iain, and working on a book about his wife’s life. Since the disaster, he moved to the Clear Lake section of Houston….
    Dr. Clark said he learned from a friend who was involved in the autopsy of his wife that a gold post earring was found on her ear, and as soon as he learned of it, he tried furiously to find out how to get it back, but was told by NASA officials it had been lost, he said. Then he heard they had found a ring on her finger – her left hand and forearm had been torn apart in the accident – but it was another item Dr. Clark tried to find and did not recover.

    J. P. Harrison, who was married to Dr. Kalpana Chawla, a Columbia astronaut and aerospace engineer, has established a foundation called Montsu Inc., named for the traditional birth name of his wife, who was raised in India

    here is the crew

    Sean O’Keefe here at 0;40…
    at 1:44 Ron Dittemore sticks his tongue out briefly, twice. Very odd. And again at 2:02. “we’re devastated”
    “The most inexperienced [crew] in space ever”….allegedly.

    Here’s the “amateur video” by Dan McNew, an early use of social media……

    When he viewed the images in light of the shuttle’s loss, he thought he might have captured a crucial moment. He read about the shuttle’s yawing spin before breakup and sent an e-mail message to a reporter.

    ”That description matches perfectly with what I caught on video that morning,” he wrote. He had zoomed in on the shuttle as it hurtled by and captured it flying sideways, he wrote, adding, ”I believe I am the only one who has a clear close-up video of this event.”

    He had given a copy of his videotape to NASA two days after the accident, and the space agency came back and bought his camera so that researchers could determine whether the digital images stored in ones and zeros on the tape showed what Mr. McNew claimed. And he waited to hear whether he had made history.

    In the video nation, almost no moment goes untaped, and anyone might be the next Abraham Zapruder, whose jumpy images of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy provided invaluable evidence to a generation of investigators (and conspiracy theorists).

    [uh oh]…
    Some 3,000 people contacted NASA in the days after the shuttle disaster to offer their firsthand reports, still photographs and videos of the shuttle’s entry into the atmosphere. Ultimately, some 12,000 videos and images streamed in.
    For weeks, researchers combed through the photographs and videos, going to great lengths to verify that each was what its donor claimed that it was. Some turned out to be hoaxes, [no, not this one naturally!]

    In some cases the investigators even bought the cameras from people, like Mr. McNew, who had particularly promising material, to see if they could recreate the conditions at the time the tapes were shot, to check colors to make sure they were accurate, and to figure out how to sharpen the pictures more effectively.

    Mr. Hill had high praise for the volunteer videographers. ”These people are definitely our heroes,” he said.
    Not everyone was so heroic, however.
    Some of the early submissions were hoaxes, and researchers spent valuable time having to debunk them.
    ”They have been able to sort out the hoaxes and the false images and the artifacts from the things that are real,” said Doug White, an official at the NASA contractor United Space Alliance, who has been working with the video team.
    Some were laughably inept, like the video submitted to NASA that clearly showed a bright spot moving across the screen, but turned out to be cars driving down the road past the camera with their headlights on.

    like some official NASA videos..but anyway, it wasn’t flying sideways in McNew’s video – NASA proved it!…
    “The White House” immediately dismissed a terrorist act….”
    check the mission uniform patch at 2:47 from the “debris field” Laughable.

    “Colonel Ramon came from a family of Holocaust survivors”

    A great post here by Simon Shack sums up this non crash:….

    Dan has his own Youtube channel, as cited by Simon…

    One of his most recent uploads is more prosaic:…
    How To Repair A Toilet
    Wonder if he’s ever had to repair one of those astronauts’ poopers?

  5. Blue Moon

    Having caught up with the Resnik thread at Clues Forum, my spidey-sense (read: total paranoia) tells me there’s a possibility this has been designed exclusively for the forum- In the wake of the Jesus Charlie op which gave a real boost to Clues participation, the possibility that this is a hive full of Goldbugs being tossed into the crowd is reinforced by the careful shift away from the photos to an examination of family links, which is also a staple of the Goldbug “methodology”- Even if this Resnik mystery turns out to be a blind alley, the hoaxiness of NASA is still painfully obvious and won’t do any real damage to the research-

  6. xileffilex

    Good work, Tom – a few clues to show all is not well with the McAuliffe death…

    former hubby doesn’t seem to want to go there again. A big shot Lawyer in Concord……

    The planetarium in Concord, the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, is holding a tribute to teachers on Friday, the night of the anniversary, followed by a program about McAuliffe.

    The Concord school district has observed the anniversary quietly through the years. In a rare public comment, her husband, Steven McAuliffe, recently wrote a heartfelt letter to the board about the school being named after her.

    Jan 23 2011
    and a busy mum

    Did you notice this curious entry in Wiki regarding Steve?

    In 1992, he married Kathleen E. McAuliffe.[dubious – discuss]

    what’s dubious?

    1. Tom Dalpra

      ”In 1992, he married Kathleen E. McAuliffe.[dubious – discuss]”

      ‘what’s dubious?’

      Ha, yeh, I noticed that and was amused. I put it down to some quirky wonkypedia way… It is rather weird though isn’t it when you really think about it?

      To earn that bracketed ”edit” , someone must be presumed to have cast doubt on it.
      Are we being deliberately pointed to this by the wonks, or is it someone genuinely questioning the simple fact that Steven married Kathleen in 1992?

      If so, in either case, the question is ”Why?”

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Maat at Clues:

        ” Doesn’t this actually support my first hypothesis (re Resnik) that they simply borrowed names from some select people to give their “astronaut” characters more “real life” association — and/or, if the original namesake was known to/by/associated with the NASA creators, as a kind of “homage/hat tip” — more like having a doll named after you?
        Moderator ”.….

        This makes some sense to me .
        In this way the names and associations get fed back in to the ‘blood-flow’ of society. If you will. On a ground-level. Subliminally.

        That’s genius, isn’t it? ‘Sublime’, some might say.

      2. xileffilex

        I am getting interested in these allegedly dead astronauts and their families…
        The curious wiki edit to “dubious” came from a Swiss IP which also altered the Wiki entry for Silicon that evening – no other edits any time. Curious!
        Here’s another page: [Septmber 2010]…

        The Challenger disaster was a tragedy not just because so many lost their lives but also because so many children lost their parents, including Scott and Caroline McAuliffe, the kids of Christa McAuliffe, the teacher who died in the space shuttle Challenger explosion. Where are Christa McAuliffe’s children and husband today?
        Understandably, the McAuliffes very rarely speak to the media and information on them is scarce.

        July 1985 footage of Steven chatting about Christa’s selection here, from 1:30 to about 7:00

        Steven McAuliffe, her widower, got remarried years after his wife’s death and became a federal judge. He does not talk very much to the media, but he did express thanks to the community of Concord, N.H., a few years ago for protecting his kids and letting them grow up as normally as possible.
        Son Scott McAuliffe, now 34, got into the marine resource management field. And daughter Caroline McAuliffe, now 31, became an educator, following in mom’s footsteps.…

        Just a little about the second Mrs McAuliffe here:

        Steven McAuliffe, president of the New Hampshire Bar Association, married Kathy Thomas, a reading teacher for the Concord School District.

        The newlyweds, both 44, each have two children, ranging from ages 12 to 20. The wedding was private.
        Christa McAuliffe, a teacher at Concord High School, was among seven Challenger crewmembers killed Jan. 28, 1986, when the shuttle exploded on liftoff.
        McAuliffe has generally shunned publicity related to his late wife, but has spoken at some events in her honor, notably the dedication of the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in Concord.
        He would not say when the wedding took place.…
        March 5 1992
        The additional children were Lara and Ryan Thomas, 20 and 16 respectively…

        1. xileffilex

          Not wanting to leave the new Mrs Oldak out of things, here she is..[2006 info]

          Regina ‘‘Reggie” Oldak
          Date of birth: Jan. 23, 1951
          Place of birth: Lynn, Mass.
          Current occupation: attorney
          Education: J.D., Georgetown University Law Center; B.A., Smith College
          Family: Husband, Michael Oldak; Two children, Victoria, 20, and Sam, 17

          Michael David Oldak. Spouse: Regina Lynne Lipsky. Mother: & Jack Oldak. Marriage: Alexandria, VA
          photo 2013:

          The wedding occurred in November 1978 according to the Boston Jewish Advocate, cited at

    2. Tom Dalpra

      On the McAuliffe parents they’re proper old A list psyOp actors of course.

      At 44 seconds here they are in the crowd on that fateful day.

      1. xileffilex

        ..preceded immediately at about 0:40 by husband Steven McAuliffe – also seen at around 1:25 and 3:35
        Wow, what a fascinating video – staged event par excellence.

        Commentator describes it as the VIP secton – the bleachers – for invited guests…..overtones of the Boston Hoaxathon 2013
        Early days of Channel 4 at the end of the clip…[founded 1982]… with Alistair Stewart and Heather Couper. hmmmm Heather Couper, film profile of Stephen Hawking [2002]
        Her media collaborator [Stuart] Nigel Henbest had a dream in 1967, allegedly, which he just happened to mention to a taxi driver in January 1986…..

        By 2003 we had met and talked with many astronauts….

        and Nigel? He’s paid for and booked a trip on Virgin Galactic already…..
        He’s probably in this photo…
        ready for this…a hive of activity…

    1. ab Post author

      It numerology never ends:

      The Astronaut Judith Resnik Historical Marker is part of a memorial to her and US Navy Aviator Stuart Powrie. It is located at the Firestone High School which Ms. Resnik graduated from in 1966. It is located at 333 Rampart Ave in Akron, OH

  7. xileffilex

    Resnik the lawyer:

    After graduating from Bryn Mawr College in 1972 and from NYU Law in 1975, Resnik clerked for Judge Charles E. Stewart of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York and taught for a year at NYU. Then in 1976, she was offered a clinical lecturer position at Yale, where she taught classes related to post-conviction remedies and worked with law students who represented inmates at the federal prison in Danbury. She relished the tangible impact of the work, but classes, students, and clients did not give her enough time for writing.
    Then in 1980 she joined the faculty of the University of Southern California Law School

    cf Resnik the “astronaut”

    She received a B.S. in electrical engineering from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University in 1970, the year she married fellow student Michael Oldak. They divorced in 1975. In 1977 Resnik earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of Maryland. Resnik was recruited into the astronaut program January 1978

    A busy double life even for renaissence woman.

    more info on Resnik the astronaut from the link below

    She worked for RCA beginning in 1971 as a design engineer, which included engineering support for NASA telemetry system programs.
    From 1974 to 1977, Resnik was a biomedical engineer and staff fellow in the Laboratory of Neurophysiology at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. She worked for about a year as a senior systems engineer in product development with Xerox before being selected by NASA in 1978.

    [er, that was allegedly January 1978]…
    image – Oldak holding framed photo of Resnik [a familiar pose]

    Which line of work was Oldak in?

    … a Washington lawyer.…
    NYT February 9 1986
    [all the bio they want us to know]
    Two years later……

    The father of Challenger astronaut Judith Resnik said Wednesday that the family has reached a settlement with the manufacturer of the shuttle’s booster rocket rather than relive the Challenger tragedy during a trial.

    “I’m very angry at the way they (Morton Thiokol Inc.) treated us and the other families,” Dr. Marvin Resnik said from his Encinitas home. “But I’m not angry enough to put the family through the agony of a long trial.”
    Resnik, 68, a retired optometrist, declined to reveal the amount of the settlement but said it is “in the ballpark” of the $2 million to $3.5 million reportedly received by families of other Challenger astronauts.
    Part of the money will be used for the Challenger Center for Space Science in Houston and for educational and scholarship funds established in Judith Resnik’s name in Akron, Ohio; at Carnegie-Mellon University; at Ohio State University, and at the University of Maryland.

    February 18 1988
    Sound famliar?

    In Thursday’s edition, The Times incorrectly identified the mother of Challenger astronaut Judith Resnik. She is Sara Resnik Belfer, who has remarried after being divorced from Resnik’s father. Dr. Marvin Resnik, Judith’s father, has also remarried and lives in Encinitas with his wife, Betty.

    March 9 2011

    Sarah Resnik Belfer

    Obituary | Condolences
    BELFER SARAH RESNIK BELFER (nee Polen) age 89, mother of Dr. Charles Resnik of MD, and the late astronaut Dr. Judith Resnik. Grandmother of Randall, Rebecca and Jenna Renik. Sister of Sylvia Hafner and the following deceased. Adell Hyman, Nettie Maser and Albert, Herman and Ruben Polen. Funeral Service Thursday, 2 p.m., in the chapel at Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, 26200 Aurora Rd., Bedford Hts. NO VISITATION. Memorial donations suggested to The Challenger Center for Space Science Education, 300 North Lee St., Suite 301, Alexandria, VA 22314. SHAPIRO FUNERAL SERVICES 440-498-1993…

    Dr. Marvin Resnik passed away peacefully on March 3, 2010.
    He was born on March 18, 1919. Dr. Resnik was an Optometrist in Akron for many years prior to moving to Encinitas, California after his retirement.
    He is survived by his wife, Cora Elizabeth Resnik; son, Dr. Charles Resnik, nine grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren and a large, extended family.
    Published in Akron Beacon Journal on Mar. 11, 2010…

    Charles S. Resnik, MD Professor of Diagnostic Radiology…. Resnik is also a Founding Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Challenger Center for Space Science Education (, an internationally acclaimed organization designed by the families of the last crew of the space shuttle Challenger to carry on the mission of the crew to educate children in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. –

    no mention of being the father of Judith the astronaut there.

    1. simonshack

      @ xileffilex,

      Nice digging – but you got mixed up by the end of it:

      As you can see in the Sarah Resnik Belfer obituary, Charles is not supposed to be the father of Judith Resnik-the asstronot, but her brother.

      In any case – what do you reckon? Same individual, possibly?….

      @Tom Dalpra :
      Yes, mate – Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame was recruiting for NASA in the 70’s and 80’s… priceless, innit?…

      1. xileffilex

        Sorry Simon, as I pasted, the final sentence got dropped, when it ought to have been between the final two paragraphs….i.e. under the obit of Marvin –
        No, I always realised Charles was the brother.
        I don’t think they’re the same woman,
        The donations to the Challenger programme education of her mother and brother seem to echo post-9/11 charity…. curious because the mother seemed not to want to speak about the astronaut, which might suggest she wasn’t interested in “space” travel.

        Dr. Resnik’s mother has declined to talk about her daughter.

        [1986 NYT link]
        Whether anybody died? Probably not.

      2. Tom Dalpra

        I’d missed that Simon. Priceless, indeed!
        It just about says it all, doesn’t it?

        ”Beam me up Scotty!!”

        1. simonshack

          A few more factoids regarding “NASA-Judith” and “YALE-Judith” :


          In that post, I also compare another pair of pictures of the two. But of course, some will say that they look nothing alike… YALE-Judith looks far older ! 😛

          1. xileffilex

            I listened to the voices in the two YouTube clip, Simon, and I was hit by the huge difference in the way they spoke the word and: Yale Resnik like an English person,short hard ‘a’ ; Astronaut Resnik as “eeyeeand” to my ears.

          2. simonshack

            Dear xileffilex, you wrote:

            “I was hit by the huge difference in the way they spoke the word and “.

            Well, I guess each one of us are ‘hit’ differently by the comparisons done so far between NASA-Judith and YALE-Judith. As far as I’m concerned, I have personally been ‘hit’ by the following observations and findings:

            – YALE-Judith is 64 years old – while NASA-Judith would be 65 if she hadn’t died in the alleged Challenger Space Shuttle disaster.
            -YALE-Judith physically looks pretty much exactly as you would expect NASA-Judith to look like today – if she had not perished back in 1986. The resemblance is stunning and undeniable in all anatomical respects. (see link below)
            – NASA-Judith’s mother was a legal secretary and her husband was / is a lawyer. YALE-Judith, of course, is an eminent law professor at Yale University.
            – Both YALE-Judith and NASA-Judith have resided in New York at some early stage of their lives.
            – NASA-Judith was, we are told, recruited to join NASA by Nichelle Nichols, a famous actress from the popular STAR TREK series – produced by the Paramount Studios, Los Angeles. (Note: The very first NASA Chief administrator, T. Keith Glennan, was a former Paramount Studios manager.)
            – In 2008, YALE-Judith received her highest / most prestigious lifetime-award (“The Fellows of the American Bar Foundation Outstanding Scholar Award”) … at the Paramount Studios, Los angeles.
            -In 2010, YALE-Judith made a cameo appearance in a movie (“Fair Game”) the plot of which revolved around a covert female CIA agent whose real identity got accidentally exposed …

            But alright, Felix – you are by all means free to reckon that the young NASA-Judith and the older YALE-Judith cannot possibly be the same individual – since they pronounce the word “AND” with ‘hugely different’ accents – in film clips captured 30 years apart. If that ‘does it for you’, fine. We don’t need to argue about it, do we?

            The thing is, if the two actually ARE the same individual, there is NO WAY IN HELL that the Nutwork will EVER admit / reveal this fact. It is all up to each one of us, individually, to take a stand about this matter.


          3. xileffilex

            Indeed Simon. Our assessments differ.
            I also detect a pronounced asymmetry in the eyes of Astronaut Judith – her right eye appears somewhat higher than her left. Lawyer Judith has less asymmetry imho, if anything her left eye is a little higher.

            These similarity threads have never much interested me. The Boston Marathon lookalike of Christian Williams or of the key actor “pink vest lady” were typical “conspiracy candy” to confuse and district. “pvl” has never been identified.

          4. Tom Dalpra

            For what it’s worth,
            my first reaction on having read Simon’s original post was ”Stunning”. It seemed/seems quite brazen to me. Not assuming anything, but pending on -going inquiry, that’s my definite leaning. Most likely is the same woman with the same name.

            What are you gonna do? You can say it is the same one and they’ll say ”Of course it isn’t.”.

            And as ab said, what does it matter because the media’s never gonna talk about it, anyway.

            It comes down to ”Yes it is” , ”No it isn’t”

            The fact that it turns out Yale Judith was in the right place at the right time is no surprise. Hey you could even have a running story she looked the spitting image. Or maybe she just wore her hair differently. If she was even there in person.
            Doesn’t it make some sense xilleffilex?

            All said and done, how could we possibly know, with what we’ve got?

            One outstanding question to me is : ‘Where are the younger pictures of Yale Judith, if any exist at all? That’s what we need.

            And yes, I think it’s the same Paul Mcartney as well!

    2. FauxCapitalist

      No entry in the Social Security Death Index for her in 1986, perhaps not surprisingly.

      I see from the Yale professor’s resume that she got her BA in 1972, which would put her close in age to the astronaut born in April 1949.

      Here at 3 hours 8 minutes is a 2001 C-SPAN video of the professor, and here is a video with the astronaut in it. It would be interesting to listen more closely to the voices to detect a similarity, if any.

      I was trying to find the professor’s middle name, but couldn’t find it. Odd for an academic not to have it prominently displayed. If it was A., to match the astronaut’s, that would be very suspicious.

    3. Tom Dalpra

      Has anyone mentioned the other woman from that fated Challenger flight?
      Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe
      Same deal maybe, I reckon on first glance!

      Set to be the first teacher in Space, was this most celebrated member of The Challenger crew. Check out her cringeworthy TV announcement at 2:50 in this Youtube.

      So, seeing as Judith might be still using her name, I wondered could Sharon?…

      This link was easy to find.…

      Surely not? Surely it wasn’t that easy? It’s nearly 30 years but she looks a good fit as well!

      Sorry. I’m probably going mad. I’m busy and I just looked at it and her face jumped out at me. I’m probably seeing things.

      That induction at the Whitehouse made me delirious maybe?

      1. ab Post author

        Tom, you’re not mad. We should all be MAD if it is true that they have been hiding in plain site. So what should we be mad at? How about the lack of media on OUR side. A real media (which we are trying to simulate on a shoe string here) would check out these similarities and expose the fraud.

        So even if these two quickly found matches are not the same, it’s worth it to pursue the fraud and see where these crisis actors moved on to.

        Here’s her page achived: or*/http://w…

      2. Tom Dalpra

        It’s not her, is it?

        Thanks Ab, I don’t think it’s mad to question these things either.
        Coming home and looking again, it shows me how easy it is to make a connection and I’m very wary of that. Certainly, I don’t want to undermine the interesting line of enquiry that Simon has with Judith Resnik.

        The idea of being a simulated victim and not having to change your name is quite a compelling one, to me.

        I don’t think it’s her. Interesting character nonetheless, the space teacher Sharon, that is…wherever she is these days.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Wow ab, that’s a quite a moment for me. I made it on to Clues, proper.
            And doubting Thomas here was far from convinced! 🙂

            ‘A Jewish and a Jesuit Sacrifice’, suggests Hoi.

            Perhaps it’s worth reviewing the absolute firework display ( or perhaps fake smoke signal) of a mock sacrifice this thing was. Go to 1:44 Rockets clearly detached to form the horned beast in the sky.

  8. Tom Dalpra

    Stunning. Reading Simon’s post I noticed:

    “Resnik was recruited into the astronaut program January 1978 by actress Nichelle Nichols, who was working as a recruiter for NASA.”…

    The fact that an actress was recruiting is funny enough but, you know who this actress was? I didn’t.

    It’s none other than Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhuru! Haha.
    She was recruiting for NASA…

    How appropriate!


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