PsyOps and land clears

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Nothing clears land faster than a /hoax. Oklahoma, the WTC, are all good examples of very fast clearings of land. If these were REAL crime scenes, then they wouldn’t be touched for years I’d argue. Since these are just movie scenes, there are no such restrictions.

These are the clues that help us identify hoaxes. There are many, many other clues that help us identify and unravel , but often we find one anomaly and start unraveling from there.

Zach reminds us that the sim Adam Lanza’s house is slated for . This reminded me of another very big serial murder story where I live, the Bernardo serial killer media event of the 1990s. The house of horrors where he carried out his crimes was also bought by the city and demolished.

I’ve stated before that while I’m not certain of this case being a hoax, it certainly is a strong possibility. If anyone has some spare time, I’d be happy if they’d try and dig through the vaults to explore the case.



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