Tick tock goes the fear clock

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Here’s an old chestnut that I’ve been able to retire in my mind – the doomsday clock. I must admit, it’s an excellent vehicle to sell fear from. It worked on me, and the ticking metaphor kept nuclear at the top of my mind.

Regular visitors here know that I doubt the entire concept of nuclear (unclear) technology, including bombs and power. My total on 9/1 convinced me how easily me, and the world, could be fooled.

What’s new on the fear clock? Climate change, which apparently sits even higher on people’s pre-packaged minds than the nuclear. Amazing how propaganda works, the ability to re-arrange and re-prioritize the masses’ minds. This mental manipulation is the REAL science that has been going on since Adam and Eve.

The symbolic doomsday clock moved to three minutes before midnight on Thursday because of the gathering dangers of climate change and nuclear proliferation, signalling the gravest threat to humanity since the throes of the cold war.

via Climate change and nuclear bombs set ‘doomsday clock’ on verge of midnight | Environment | theguardian.com.


So who are these masked men who pose as scientists to sell fear porn? This is interesting, they’re the same clique out of Chicago that brought us the nuclear bomb. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletin…

Let’s let SMJ dig into this hustle.

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