Audiochat – January 27, 2015

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2 thoughts on “Audiochat – January 27, 2015

  1. khammad

    At 1:09:00 minutes there is a discussion about Where Fluoride Comes From.

    There are a variety of sources for fluoride. Nearly all are the byproduct of mining for and the processing of a desired mineral that is encased in ore.

    When a desired mineral is identified in ore such as aluminum, uranium, etc. it first has to be dug up from the earth. The desired mineral could be a fraction of a percent of the whole rock. After the ore is dug up it is brought to a mineral processing plant.

    In order to extract the desired mineral, the ore has to be crushed into finer granules, then an acid (or base) is put on the rock granules to release the desired mineral.

    The gas emitted by this acid process produces a smoke that is usually heavy in fluoride because fluoride is among the most reactive minerals on earth. That smoke used to be released into the air in the 1950’s, but cow’s legs busted in half and people put up a fuss.

    To capture the fluoride as well as ALL the other minerals in the smoke such as arsenic, a water shower is sprayed over the smoke which captures most of the particulate. The result is a slurry of water, toxic chemicals and harmful minerals too poisonous to let out of the smokestacks.

    The government of the United States of America has decided to endorse the use of this slurry as a tooth protector to be added to the public water supply because, among hundreds of minerals in the slurry, fluoride is one of them.

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