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Who? K, Ro11o, Frank, Tom Dalpra

What? K entertains Frank’s Dallas Goldbug obsession and shreds his arguments

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Will to overturn

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Here’s a case that seems so ludicrous to the average sheeple, yet, in a politically correct world, they are inclined to believe it.

Are there any common law lawyers out there that confirm that it’s also impossible to overturn a will unless it can be proven to have been made under coercive circumstances?

Even in death, you might not have the last word: especially if you’re a bigot.

When Eric Spence died two years ago, with no family by the curmudgeon’s bedside, the Jamaican-born man left a last will and testament that disinherited the daughter he raised and left all his worldly belongings to the daughter he hadn’t seen in more than 30 years.

Add to the case the Nazi angle

The judge cited last June’s McCorkill decision where a judge voided the will of a New Brunswick man because leaving his possessions to an American neo-Nazi group violated “public policy” and Canadian hate laws.

via Newmarket judge sets aside ‘racist’ will | MANDEL | Toronto & GTA | News | Toron.

What’s the purpose of this story, if fake? Is it to help shape future will-makers’ decisions on what or who to put in their wills? Not much here on the Judge. Could she be a sim?

Once you accept media fakery, you must question every story at least, no matter how trivial they are. After all, if they can lie about the big ones and get away with it…

So, real or fake story? You vote.

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Today’s rubble pile

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From the company that most likely brought down your twin towers on 9/11, another perfect demolition. That’s right, no nukes, no particle beams, no space beams, no magic, just good old TNT, allegedly invented by the peaceful Alfred Nobel


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