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Who? K, Ro11o, Frank, Tom Dalpra

What? K entertains Frank’s Dallas Goldbug obsession and shreds his arguments

<18:42:17> 0;anounceofsaltperday”: www.big-lies.org/salt
<18:53:59> “anounceofsaltperday”: www.thechronicleproject.org
<18:58:29> “anounceofsaltperday”: www.wildheretic.com


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13 thoughts on “ep22-KHam Radio

  1. anounceofsaltperday

    Hi Matw,

    it is of course very pleasing to read someone else applying a little heat to this group that behaves like apologists for Godlike Productions.

    The exquisite pleasure I got from hearing Videre say words to the effect of “I wonder what Simon Shack will make of all this?” . Yes, let us all kowtow and tug our forelock to Simon Shack, for were we to be cast out from his Church of 911 Retraumatisation then our lives would indeed be bleak. Without social proof and acceptance from the “Church of Serious Conspiracy Researchers” (the CSCR) our lives are worthless, meaningless and without form drifting on the void.

    Another exquisite moment was listening to our apostolic epitome of the CSCR tell me that Jodi could not be Julia Gillard because, lets face it, doesn’t have great legs like Jodi. No-one has ever tampered with a digital photograph, no-one has ever worn body suits and no-one could actually have a voice like Julia Gillard. A voice that is reminiscent of Meryl Streep playing the role of Lindy Chamberlain… “a din goes gort moy baaaay boeeeeeeeee”.

    I am continuing on my mission to disprove the work of Ed Chiarrinni aka dallasgoldbug and his site www.wellaware1.com. So far though, he has an impressive strike rate:

    1. He was the first to identify the use of dummies in the Columbine shooting hoax, as recently acknowledged by Markus Allen
    2. He was the first to realise that the JFK assassination did not take place and that the Zapruder film was made later.
    3. He was the first to identify that Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are roles being played by actors

    All of his claims are easily disprovable and they are actionable. His site is media. This cult of the CSCR with all their claims of being able to debunk media fakery should have no trouble despatching Ed to dustbin. And yet….

    1. Videre

      Glad to hear that you find pleasure in our differing views. Even though we might not see eye to eye on details in these psyops, we are united solidly in our belief of the fakery. I find great comfort in the many who come here who are not afraid to express their views. As well, I am grateful for the the patience of my fellow fakeologists who have let me find my way to where I am today in the evolution of my awakening.

      To add insight to your discovery of the nuggets provided by DallasGoldBug – Ed Chiarini, he offers a few nuggets that may appeal to our interest in research. The thing I feel you may be missing is that he also adds craziness to the content by saying “this famous person” is also “this famous person” (who cares)… etc. These are details that are meant to lead us down big time wasting rabbit trails.

      This technique is used to attach crazy to the researcher who tries to relay events that could very well be true. By doing this those who want to share the details with their friends/family/colleagues will be laughed at/yelled at and ostracized from the “herd” of common thinkers.

      As this makes us feel very uncomfortable , most will find their way back to the group because this is our nature. This is the plan. We are easily manipulated and the Wellaware1.com plan does what it was designed to do – make those who notice and speak of some covered up truths appear crazy.

      It is only a very few of us who this doesn’t/didn’t work on. We refused to run back to the herd and have since created our own here.

      As I have mentioned with K previously, I feel discussing this character/website, it is or will be of great value in order to educate and assist in identifying the techniques used to distract and mislead us on our journey.

  2. Blue Moon

    Jodie has had a lot of work done, but that’s what actors do to stay employed- I suspect Ms. Gillard has had a nip and tuck here and there as well- But thanks for going after the legs and not the ear lobes- Goldbuggery can be contagious- (There’s your pandemic!)

  3. Tom Dalpra

    My daughter keeps asking me to go to 27:14.

    We love the lead-up to , and your laugh, K ! Never fails to have us falling about 🙂 🙂
    We too are amused by the model with the Sun at 3 inches diameter.

    1. khammad

      The comedy stylings of Tom are much appreciated. ANY topic should be put a side for a sec to appreciate and enjoy the rare moments in life where we can laugh. Keep ’em coming 😉

    2. anounceofsaltperday

      Tom, I am going to keep coming back to your comment many, many times myself. You accept your authority from your daughter who has been thoroughly indoctrinated by a masonic cult dog training system that you know full well is designed to indoctrinate her to be “good”. Fun times

      Prove to me the earth is globe Tom. Four experiments have unmistakeably demonstrated that earth DOES NOT travel around the sun. These are Airy’s Failure, The Sagnac Experiment, The Michelson/Morley and the Michelson/Gale. The Sagnac experiments also demolishes the “theory” of relativity. Gravity is nonsense as well Tom. “Action at a distance” is just a masonic mantra. Gravity is actually disproved by a phenomena known to many sailors.. the “inverse barometer effect”… look it up… have fun. Perhaps your daughter can explain it to you.

      The Rectilineator experiment has proven that the world is not a globe.

      But hey, you are a disciple of the CSRC, so I guess you have to laugh.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Hold-up Frank. No offence intended.

        It’s nothing to do with your theory.
        All it is, is me and my daughter taking that segment in the abstract and laughing about it.
        End of story, mate.
        It’s nothing to do with you really.

        Now, do I think the world is a globe? No, I don’t as it goes. I really don’t know, but it looks flat. (On-the-level, if you will?)

        However I do not agree that ”The Rectilineator experiment has proven that the world is not a globe.”
        The former Koresh’s , Rectal-ineator was so open to abuse and long winded. I don’t trust it personally.

        I refer to my humble exploration of the topic at this thread here:


        ”You accept your authority from your daughter who has been thoroughly indoctrinated by a masonic cult dog training system that you know full well is designed to indoctrinate her to be “good”. Fun times”

        That’s presumptuous isn’t it? All round.

        And ”No,” Just ”No”.

      2. ab Post author

        Dear Frank,
        I brought you back out of respect for your appearance on a past audiochat.

        Could you soften your approach and be less caustic with the fakeologists who “believe” please? Otherwise I’ll have to ask you to leave (again).

        Respectfully, Ab.

      1. khammad

        Is Julie Gillard and Jodie Foster the same person? This is the theory that some people have, and that I have publicly spoken of as ridiculous for the following reasons.

        To DISPROVE this theory, one would need a chronology of both lives and then show

        Julia and Jodi were at the 2 different places at the same time


        Julia and Jodie were at the same place at the same time.

        If one says “well, they just put make up on someone else to make it look like Jodie Foster was there” then the theory is moot. When the need for make-up is used, then the need for look-a-likes is gone. Why go through all the hassle if make up is being used to find a look-a-like? Just use the make up to make two people to look the same: a fit trim leg versus an out of shape, poor diet and varicose veined leg.

        But all the arguments I just made are not necessary. Look at the legs. Just look at ’em. Hard to make yourself believe these two women are one and the same person.

        And if one is able to make themselves believe these two women are the same person after viewing the leg comparisons pictures, then we have to ask why?

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