This was an orange

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The man (or intelligence corporate front) that brought the world a slick and catchy video died this month, we are told.

Here’s his famous video. His clear authoritative, British voice was quite convincing. I’m not sure if I saw this video before , but I probably did if it was on Alex Jones’ site.

Here’s his very weak and unconvincing attempt to debunk September Clues. There are a few more that try and take apart other parts of September Clues.

It appears that the entity known has Anthony Lawson (image and voice combination) may have been brought out expressly to discredit September Clues.

Here’s the clues thread on entity Lawson:…

I’m sure Simon and Hoi will have much to say about this fairly significant operation.

PS:  I stumbled upon this news on the very poorly presented youtube feed. Oddly, the well done propaganda mantra 0;this is an orange” was stuck in my head when hearing Frank the Salt guy go on about how Julia Gillard was Jody Foster in the latest KHam radio episode 22.

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4 thoughts on “This was an orange

  1. xileffilex

    made me curious about Nick Irving, quondam member of “scholars for 9/11 truth” [curious that Reichstag Fireman aka psyopticon should compare visually Lawson with David Irving….]
    His debunking September Clues paper, with the assistance of Anthony Lawson, seems quite out of character…

    Nick Irving is an audio engineer, website designer and musician living in Sydney, Australia.
    His previous contributions to the 9/11 Truth Movement include an article ‘debunking’ the Purdue Univer
    sity 3D Animation of the North Tower impact; and the YouTube video “9/11 – The Towers of Dust”
    (with Anthony Lawson)
    Nick Irving is an associate member of
    Scholars for 9/11 Truth……

    Owner, Producer/Engineer, Musician/Songwriter @ Studio One Flight Up, Sydney

    Sydney Area, Australia Music…

    Studio One Flight Up is owned and operated by Producer/Engineer Nick Irving.
    The studio’s extensive collection of classic analogue equipment has been gathered piece-by-piece from around the world and completely serviced and refurbished by master technician Colin Abrahams

    but also with a brand new console…

    Some later tributes to Lawson emerged after Ab’s original post…
    His most recent preoccupation was with Israel and Palestine……
    There’s nothing about a marriage he contracted in 1960 to Jill V Wright.…


  2. xileffilex

    On a thread Antipodean noted that Lawson posted from Phuket.
    This looks like our man with his daughter

    …or possibly stepdaughter
    The writer describes herself as

    Norwegian/Australian grew up in Asia and Portugal. I speak Portuguese well, and have good Spanish and French. I like art, music, tech, festivals and I’m writing a novel set partly in the future.


    1. xileffilex

      A footnote here, occasioned by the April Fool’s Day 2019 post by Ab on the late Anthony Lawson.

      A potted bio appears here…

      Film producer Fraser being the elder son, Helle [by a second marriage] the daughter…

      Strangely there are no tributes from either of the above, or indeed a younger son Ashton or, one assumes a third wife, Alice

      Perhaps Lawson was just someone who was ploughing his own mixed-up furrow in old age, rather than a controlled intel operative. We’ll never know.

      However, here he was playing to the gallery as he moved towards the end, creating a probable fake story for the MSM…
      The humiliating ordeal of elderly Australian ex-pat who was TIED to his Thai hospital bed with his own sheets after he went looking for water, sleeping pills and a nurse to change his IV
      Mail story emerges on Feb 25 2015 [7 weeks after his alleged death on January 8]

      Looks quite comfortable here in his Thai bed….…

      Note the standard trope, the carriage of the framed photo of the ‘loved one’ by the younger son…

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