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Are you a liar Andy?

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Listening to a radio host put here to mislead on 9/11 research talk about confessed liar Brian Williams TV host is ironic and annoying, but still worth a listen.

* Episode Download Link (11 MB):…

* Show Notes:

* Episode Feed: NO LIES RADIO » 911 Free Fall –…

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ep26-KHam radio

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When? Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 7:11pm EST

Who? K, Ab, Delcroix, Shea



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In your face 9/11 numerology

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Zach and commenters recall this OJ-like terror at the gas station media event from the past. With so many people watching today, I wonder if this type of hoax would fly as well today?…

John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
Allen = 1+12+12+5+14 = 44
Muhammad = 13+21+8+1+13+13+1+4 = 74

John Allen Muhammad was put to death on 11/11/09, at 9:11 pm.

What more can I say?

Oh yes, he died at age 48.


  • I never caught the numerology of the exact date and time before. Blatant. Your decoding of the names just adds more insult to the psyop injury. An in our face hoax.

    Does he not look like Denzell Washington? Anything is possible at this point.

    This is brazen, even for the ’33’ crew.

    Thanks Zach!


  • Declared dead at 9:11. It goes on and on


  • Hoax = 8+15+1+24 = 48

via free to find truth: 47 44 74 | John Allen Muhammad, and the 2002 D.C. Sniper Hoax.

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9/11 Betsy is back

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Ok, it appears she is NOT an avatar. I still disagree with her pushing the Judy Wood persona and her imaginary weapon. I still disagree she ignores the very convincing vicsim report.

The Eric Darton book does look like a typical pre-programming piece (like the book 1984) meant to lend special powers and mystery and knowledge to a simple building demolition enhanced with advanced drill and movie simulation technology.

Clues discusses Eric Darton:…

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Simon says “What’s new?”

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Simon weighs in on the latest divide and conquer techniques used by so called “truthers”, exposing their modus operandi:

1: Befriend and gain the respect of REAL & HONEST TRUTH SEEKERS by first producing some supportive research and videos.

2: At some stage, totally flip-flop (‘turncoat’) and start launching vitriolic denigration-campaigns against the same.

3: Lastly, as you get exposed as a cointelpro clown, accuse all REAL & HONEST TRUTH SEEKERS of being cointelpros – and start behaving like a complete fool / madman – lashing out at them all – so as to sow as much strife and insider-fighting as possible while, at the same time, discouraging / putting off outsiders to even look into honest truthseeking circles.

via View topic – We’ll Do It Live, Jeff C, Max Resistance, YT Community •

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Canadian trial hoaxes need work

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There’s almost no doubt in my mind that this anti-Kijiji/Craigslist media event is a hoax. Instead of having an OJ-like fake trial, we’ll simply delay it indefinitely into the future until no-one cares/remembers. Whatever happened to the concept of justice delayed is justice denied? Doesn’t apply to sims, apparently. How about a public trial? The rules seem very vague, but when it comes to a sim, it doesn’t really matter.

The trial for Tim Bosma’s accused killers has been delayed until next year.It was originally scheduled to begin Sept. 28 but a new start date was set Monday during an extraordinary and unexplained closed-door proceeding. The public — including Bosma’s father, Hank Bosma, and members of the media — was ordered out of the courtroom by Justice Stephen Glithero for the three-hour hearing.

via Bosma trial delayed to early 2016 | Toronto Star.


Be the 1st to vote. talks about SITE quite a bit (see their references here). To me, it’s simply an intelligence front used to generate “the enemy”.

I don’t think it is really possible to talk about the materialization of ISIS on our media without talking about this entity called “SITE”, which appears to be the one and only source for every tiny bit of propaganda that appears to come from ISIS.

Cofounder Rita Katz is very creepy/odd looking. Is this a real person or Snowden-like CGI simulation?

via View topic – The Rise & fall of ISIS •

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Audiochat – Feb 22, 2015

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Who? K Ham, Ro11o

What? Discussing leaving the paradise of Australia as a young woman to fight in the cold regions of Syria against ISIS. How can anyone believe that a young person today would do this? Answer: it is beyond belief and should be. K also gives her perspective of being a converted Muslim and why none of the stories about Muslims immigrating to America are believable either in the context of terrorism.


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When? Sunday, Feb 22, 2015 17:11pm EST

Who? Javaring


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A bad imitation

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Interesting little revelation of the method in movie/myth making.

The important part of movies is controlling the emotional message, and not so much the “facts”.

Though The Imitation Game (like other some of the other biopics that stand a chance to win an Oscar this weekend) has come under fire for historical inaccuracies and not delving deeply enough into Alan Turing’s sexuality, the Oscar-nominated director says that emotional accuracy was very important to him while making the film. Though he left some of the best odd details he learned about Turing out of the film—”He was allergic to pollen, so he used to wear a gasmask sometimes in meetings without telling anybody why,” for example—Tyldum says the overall arc of the film is true to Turing’s life.

via The Imitation Game Director Explains Why the Movie Didn’t Stick to History | TIME.

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