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  1. khammad

    Thinking back to the collection of demo videos that Ab has posted I realize that they all have had the same set of features in the debris pile in common:

    No office furniture

    No computers or phones

    No toilets or sinks

    No carpets

    No plants or pictures

    No personal items, such as jewelry, phones, clothing, wallets, purses, etc

    No dead people

    Just like the debris pile on 9/11 from the twin towers

      1. khammad

        “Fairly small piles too.” Haha, this is e x a c t l y the phrase that led me to compare the two.

        If that huge building made such a small pile, then couldn’t the twin towers, suitably stripped, make a proportionally small pile?

        I give no faith in photographic evidence that the twin towers debris pile was small, but it seems to follow that a small pile would not take long to haul away, which it didn’t.

        Can’t see anything wrong with the idea that conventional explosives brought down the twin towers, suitable stripped, of course.


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