Daily Archives: February 4, 2015

Zach on 9/11

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Zach did a nice job with his commentary and gematria in this long video.  It features September Clues with a shout out to cluesforum.info.

September 11, 2001, a Numerological Hoax for the Coptic New Year, Conspi…:

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Calling Captain Sully

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Memories of Miracle on the Hudson.


Did you ever think of how much work it takes to create a psyOp? It makes sense to recycle them then, bringing them back into different parts of the world. After all, there’s a whole new group, even only 6 years later, who’ve never even heard of the Sully story.

Quite the video game like graphics in this vid.

Taiwan Plane Crash: Passenger Jet Hits Bridge:

Zack’s take:

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