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Impersonation inspiration

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Here’s a great video of a great (Canadian) artist and a very talented impersonator. Note that just because they look and sound alike doesn’t make them the same person. I hope that even Dallas Goldbuggers can see the difference in this case.

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Randy Quaid – attaching crazy to conspiracy

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Randy Quaid is an actor. Since we know actors don’t have to stop being actors when they are not in official movies, then it should be easy to understand that Randy could be acting a “real world” ongoing role, attaching crazy to anyone who questions Hollywool and their role in creating our manufactured reality.

While I like movies, I don’t attach any special powers to actors. Sadly, most people do, and the PRC knows this. Therefore, a good many people will actually pay attention to Randy Quaid, which is why he’s used. While he may not be an “A” level actor, he certainly can still be used to play a “B” or “C” level role outside the traditional roles.

Who better to attach crazy to than Randy Quaid? After all, in the public’s mind, he defines crazy from his most famous movie role. It’s a simple link, but fooling the public is simple.

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Williams liar for hire and keep fear alive

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Good show today from John and Adam.  They show us the media is all in and complicit but can never go all the way. I guess the dance will have to do.

They played many great clips. Adam seems to have more time on his hands, now that his wife has allegedly fled the coop.

Keep Fear alive:

Brian Williams, news anchor, admitted liar:


Good discussion on the burning man video – discussing its high production value, clearly created by Hollywool’s Army / Psyops Division. What is it with the PRC’s obsession with a  holocaust (which this was by its definition)

* Show Notes: 693.noagendanotes.com/

* Episode Feed: No Agenda – feed.nashownotes.com/rss.xml

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