Williams liar for hire and keep fear alive

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Good show today from John and Adam.  They show us the media is all in and complicit but can never go all the way. I guess the dance will have to do.

They played many great clips. Adam seems to have more time on his hands, now that his wife has allegedly fled the coop.

Keep Fear alive:

Brian Williams, news anchor, admitted liar:


Good discussion on the burning man video – discussing its high production value, clearly created by Hollywool’s Army / Division. What is it with the PRC’s obsession with a  holocaust (which this was by its definition)

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3 thoughts on “Williams liar for hire and keep fear alive

  1. xileffilex


    A limited hangout – Kind of “Just go along with it Brian, and the idiots will think you’re a lone wolf [plus all the camera people, production assistants etc etc associated with your “one off” fake story] and that the rest of the news isn’t fake.”
    I think we can see through this BS

  2. khammad

    “Keep fear alive” works on an individual agency basis.

    What explains how all the agencies act in unison?


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