Serial liars

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Argh. If you were one of the millions who listened, like myself, to the 0;viral” podcast Serial, you’ll be excited by this news — or disappointed, like I am becoming.

I’ll save you the punchline: the podcast was very engaging, well produced, but left the audience hanging. There were so many contradictions and endless loops, I started to wonder if it was even possible that this was a real story or complete fiction.

Now I am quite convinced it is fiction. The producers could easily be creators. All the elements and characteristics are there.

An appeal due to an “ineffective lawyer”? Doesn’t this allow anyone who loses a special appeal?

BALTIMORE—Adnan Syed, the subject of the popular podcast Serial who was convicted in 2000 for killing his ex-girlfriend when he was a teenager, has been granted an appeal.

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals approved Syed’s application for an appeal, which claims that his trial lawyer, Christina Gutierrez, was ineffective. The rare ruling is the first step for Syed to challenge his murder conviction.

“It’s the first step in a pretty long process but we’re extremely happy,” said Syed’s current lawyer, C. Justin Brown.
Syed, now 33, is serving a life sentence in a Maryland state prison after being convicted in 2000 of killing his high school classmate and ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in January 1999. He appealed a few years ago in Baltimore Circuit Court but his request was denied.

via Adnan Syed, subject of Serial podcast, is granted appeal in murder case | Toronto Star.

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