Taipei River Crash PsyOp Hoax

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For my video analysis needs, I’ll go with the leader of hoax// analysis, and Simon Shack. Here’s his thread:….

I recommend this thread to Jeff C, who’s audios I’ve begun to enjoy, including this one:

Sadly, it seems Jeff C. is telling everyone to stop looking into this (claiming it’s real), so I’m worried he’s leading his 0;group?” into la-la land:

Ro11o agrees:

I like what Ro11o says. I’m not in any group. I’m in my own group. I like looking at others who seem sincere, and watching them progress. When they ignore the leading research of Simon and co., I get concerned that they’re deliberately misleading their “followers”. Their opinion on and , and on the psyOp, is always a critical litmus test for me.

So far, Jeff C. and his gang are not passing the test. Maybe Jeff will come on and clarify his position with me or other fakeologists.

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8 thoughts on “Taipei River Crash PsyOp Hoax

  1. Cobra Commander

    I saw this coming a while back when I was about to out Betsy McGee as a shill before Simon did. I mentioned on page 88 of the Vicsim Memorial Scams thread that certain members of the “YouTube Community” were deleting my comments to their videos where I either referenced September Clues, Cluesforum, simonshack, or Hoi. That person whom I didn’t name back them was Jeff C. It is appearing more and more each day that his job is to misguide the people who are getting real close to the truth. He’s like a last line of the gatekeeping defense for the perps. If you watch his more recent videos, they have become more fearmongering than hoax research. He also lashed out at me when I presented him with evidence that the Taipei crash was a hoax instead of trying to prove my evidence that debunked his video was wrong. Lastly, nobody that is a researcher/investigator of media fakery should EVER title their video proves an event is 100% REAL unless they were there to WITNESS IT WITH THEIR OWN EYES INSTEAD OF ONLY ON A SCREEN!

    As for Max Malone… I’m doing a little investigation to him. I can’t say this with complete proof yet, but I may have found that he is multiple characters on YouTube truth channels. The voices are very similar, but their Truther personas are a lot different. I’m going to have to reload my old Sound Forge software to see I’m correct.

    1. xileffilex

      I think Peekay22 would have called the Taipei “crash” as a hoax and drill. But his Youtube account was closed down after Sydney. QED.
      Now, here’s a funny thing, Max Malone puffs Peekay’s “new channel”

      which was set up in August 2014 [hmmmm] and handily has just subbed Free Radio Revolution…” and brand new channel “The World As We Know It” [hmmmm again]…

      Pee Kay
      1 day ago
      Ive been suspended for 2 weeks after getting 2nd strike. Cant be bothered with the asia plane bullshit…got other things to worry about.?

      Really? source:

      1. Cobra Commander

        Are you referring to Sound Forge, Ab? You can download the free 30 day (?) trial here……

        You can cascade the wav files to compare the shape and sound.

        The basic version used to cost $60. I I’m guessing it’s under $100 still for the basic version without all the wild effects.

    1. khammad

      I am shocked by all the bad explanations that these people are giving about WHY the TAIPEI PLANE CRASH is real.

      Bad Excuse #1 Color bleeding is caused by the camera moving too fast and the colored pixels are trying to catch up.

      Bad Excuse #2 Hands and feet can be missing from people, again, because the camera is moving too fast and the pixels are trying to catch up.

      Hey Internet Peoples: You have a cell phone camera. You use them nearly every. Have you ever taken a video of people, and because you moved the camera too fast, the video came out with people having missing hands and feet? Using the same fast camera movement, have you ever seen a video where the colors were so saturated that they bled past the persons clothing on to the surrounding background?

      I have take thousands of pictures/videos in all manner of movement. I looked in my visual files and I cannot find 1 example of color bleeding from my iphone camera, or my Nikon 42x, or my Sony Video camera, or any past cameras I have had.

      If color bleeding is so rare, and it happens to show up in a suspected media event, then the ODDS are not in the suspected media event’s favor. When things have very low odds of happening, yet they happen for these strange events, I have to call malarkey.

      Can we safely assume that the color bleeding is POST PRODUCTION?

      Just in case, if you have taken a picture or video that has color bleeding, or if you have taken a picture or video with hands or feet missing on account of the camera moving too fast, please share it with us so that we may examine it and compare it to the Taipei plane crash.

      Please also give the approximate date, time, and location of your shot.

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