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Nuclear: modern alchemy

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Unclear fizzicks: the new psy-ence. Great post here on the hustlers.

The end of chemistry’s most cherished belief
“Elements are the foundation stones of chemistry. The vast variety of substances around us are made from combining elements – such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen – in different ways. At the turn of the twentieth century, a firmly held belief was that atoms never change. Carbon atoms remain carbon atoms; iron stays iron; gold cannot be made from lead; and once uranium, always uranium. Rutherford and his colleague Frederick Soddy, who was at that time working with him at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, overturned this idea. They found radioactivity was a process that could transform one element into another. Somehow, one type of atom emitted a particle and became another type of atom. No doubt mindful of the ill-repute arising from thousands of years of futile attempts to make gold from lead, Rutherford is reported to have said to his friend: “Don’t call it transmutation, Soddy, or they’ll have our heads as alchemists!”


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Major leaders as actors

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This is not a post to confuse the topic with the misdirection of Dallas Goldbug’s “research”. It is to illustrate the concept that higher political offices are controlled by influences and power structures that are anything but grassroots. Hoi elaborates:

People — real people amongst us — get a minor position of power that is gridlocked in the system, and they realize the only way of doing anything significant is one of two things:

1. Having tons of people appear to care (doesn’t seem to matter if it’s real or not) to wave at their opponents.
2. Lucrative connections to people with “real” people power, especially through fake friendship greased by money, drugs, sex, etc.


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