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Mooning us with swag

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You’d think if you had to keep a secret, you’d at least tell your spouse. Therefore Neil Armstrong’s wife must have known that he never went anywhere near the moon.

Now that we’re told he’s dead, why wouldn’t she spill the beans? The easy answer is she must still be on the payroll, and will be until the day she dies.

Money helps keep secrets. That’s why I’m convinced that none of the actors that rule our lives get a big lump sum payment or salary. They’re all on a monthly retainer, some bigger than others.

Armstrong’s widow, Carol, found the items, and she snapped a picture of them that she shared with curators at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, a release from the museum said.

via Neil Armstrong’s widow finds artifacts from moonwalk in a closet | KMOV.com St. Louis.

The moon hoax psyOp can never end, like the Kennedy assassination hoax or 9/11.

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ep134-Delcroix of Outside Radio

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When? Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015 5:11pm EST

Who? Delcroix of A View from The Bog


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Plea for reason

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Great post by Hoi on a “nodisinfo”  site.

This article is an embarrassingly alarmist smear piece against anyone asking good, modern, questions about any news event. I hope it’s not a reflection of the web site NoDisinfo.com as a whole, or it would be very damning of the NoDisinfo administration. This writer not only purports to trust that CNN has made some kind of erroneously free “speculation” outside the guidelines of the script writers of our news, which is a misrepresentation of how our news PR/Psychological Operations actually seem to work; it also claims CGI is nothing worth asking about in any considerations about the news these days. CGI, video compositing and other techniques of fakery have been used for propaganda purposes. This is proven. It is no use balking about budgets since we haven’t identified who is responsible, and the media lies seem to be endorsed by nothing less than the most powerful leaders of the most powerful countries on the planet. They may be very wealthy indeed. This would make the point especially moot in Southeast Asian countries, where the American Dollar (not to mention American favor) may be of coveted speculative value.

It would be nice to believe that this article is at least well-meaning, since it isn’t accurate or interested in fairly considering the questions raised by researchers questioning the event. This article tries to make it seem as though forensics and CGI are absurd questions by attacking good logical arguments with bad emotional arguments. Look carefully at each point in this article and read just how they fail to address the technical questions and endorse the imagery. See how they ask you not to ask questions in seemingly different ways, though the gist is the same: “Don’t question the imagery. Don’t question the story.” The truth should be plain enough now — CGI, actors, script writers and other Hollywood-/TV drama-like techniques are used in the media to fabricate our reality for the purposes of controlling the subject matter of the public dialogue. Social media is infiltrated as fast as people invent new ways of making it. Now we are all hopefully coming to fully appreciate how they also plant false friends in the truth movement to merely attempt to stop people from asking questions. Combine these two powers and our most corrupt oligarchical leadership has a defense against any change in the system, and change is obviously what we need. Let us consider removing these psychotic media people from their power and putting good people in their place. No, I don’t believe just anyone would lie like them. It’s just an out-of-control party that liars are creating through exploitation of our system.

But nevermind revolution. Regardless of the future, please, I ask you to consider just reading CluesForum.info or Fakeologist.com to see if the arguments about media fakery make sense to you at all. Please consider “arming your mind” with this type of questioning so that you are not easily bullied into believing what you have no obligation to. As CGI and virtual reality tech improves, the number of these “lead researcher network betrayal” incidents may increase to try to stem the tide of people finally reaffirming their own senses and asking the questions that need to be asked. We don’t all have to be forensic scientists, but let us use our brains, our senses and our intuition in navigating this information-saturated world. Each of us has hidden skills in discerning truth and reality from the mire. We just need to re-train ourselves how to use them to benefit one another and create peace. Thank you.


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